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How to Find the Museum of Woodcarving and Let Others Know if it was Worth the Trip

Joe Barta picks a nice, sunny day to chisel his spear and shield carrying African warrior boy, who will soon be placed in the "Suffer the Children" exhibit inside his curious shaped museum building in Shell Lake, Wisconsin. I am going to guess the extension to the building is where the massive Last Supper is displayed, but you shouldn't take my word for it. The museum is open May through October, so wait for a thaw. Joe carved 100 life-sized figures and 400 miniatures.

For those of you who do not know where Shell Lake is, go to Spooner and you will be close. In the old days, say 5 years ago...you could stop at the local gas station and ask Gomer "Is there any good stuff to do around here" and probably learn about his dog and the time he fell into the grease pit while giving directions, THAT was quite a day...but today there is a better way.

Trip Advisor® (A website which provides information on things one used to "happen upon") kindly gives not only numerous links to travel and reservation sites but tons of aggregated information you don't really need like Weather Underground® average rainfall in August (5 inches) , the "top rated" restaurants nearby (Bistro 63...7.4 miles down Highway 63 from the museum, so skip the restroom) it also allows all to contribute their OWN reviews of the attraction! (In case you are one of those people who can't mind their own business)

I will let you read the detailed reviews from your peers yourself while you plan your trip HERE.

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