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Quote and Credit


Reefer Madness Comics by Craig Yoe and Steven Thompson A smoking good review!

Reefer Madness Comics is hilarious!  Craig Yoe and Steven Thompson have pulled together over 200 pages of rare comic book parables from the 1940s and 1950s in full color!  Plus a few later "public safety" comic book warnings to the nation's youth.  This in the era of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Third, our miniature porcine "law and order" top gun.  He won't get the joke, and he wouldn't understand the value or humor of these vintage "don't do it" publications.  Full of horror stories and comic book illustrator's attempts to show the effects of the first toke on Satan's Cigarettes. Dreamy!  That is, until they are hooked.   

I write this on 4/20 day.  Another year of celebration and mourning for the 1,522,579 who were arrested for stinkweed in the United States last year.  84% were arrested for possession only.  This while 22 states have lenient marijuana laws and others have medical licenses for those who need treatment.  How about this?  200,000 students have lost their federal financial aid eligibility because of drug convictions.  Local police budgets benefit, of course.

Want to set a kid out on his future in the job market with a drug conviction?  That is like recruiting for the cartels.  

Reefer Madness Comics includes an informed historical essay and some twenty full stories from the past for (currently) $13.59 on Amazon. You will not regret the purchase.  This book is hilarious, and your friends caught up in the dope menace will think so too.    

Craig Yoe is HERE.
Reefer Madness Comics on Amazon is HERE

A Folk Art Carved Parsnip! Ephemeral Folk Art

A Folk Art Carved Parsnip!  From "American Scenery Lake George Views Stereoview card
Lamson and Smith Photographers. 19th Century.  Collection Jim Linderman
Thanks to Invisible Commute.