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Erotic Folk Art Figural Carved Pipe collection Jim Linderman

Erotic Folk Art Carved Figural Pipe collection Jim Linderman

For decades, the Erlich Pipe Company in Boston was one of the longest surviving pipe shops in the country, and in the window of their store on Tremont Street, they often had a master carver at work.  There were actually two locations for a time, and each window had a resident carver. George Bushee carved on Tremont, Gustave Fischer carved at 33 Court Street.  I am guessing this was done by one or the other. 

Hand-carved Pipe Bowl with Nude Woman and Man no date Collection Jim Linderman

Amateur Science Project Spinning Electric Gadget

Amateur Science Project Spinning Electric Gadget Wood, wire, large nail.  Circa 1940  Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

The Drawings of Basil Merrett (circa 1945) Collection Jim Linderman

Basil Merrett was institutionalized at Bethlem Royal Hospital in London as a psychiatric patient.  These drawings, each approximately 4" x 6" were done circa 1945-1950.  They are a sampling of the some 1,000 works he created of this size, each heavily filled with handwritten text on the reverse.  The work was created in series, each numbered, and included authors, musicians, religious images and prominent figures from history. 

Basil Merrett Drawings Collection Jim Linderman

Pictures from the BIG HEAD PARADE

Pictures from the Big Head Parade.  Anonymous No Date Collection Jim Linderman
Thanks and a top "o" the big head to LL. 

John and Teenuh Foster Exhibition at the Bonsack Gallery John Burroughs School

Abraham Lincoln anonymous circa 1940 Collection John and Teenah Foster
A few of the striking objects from the collection of John and Teenuh Foster now on exhibit at the Bonsack Gallery, John Burroughs School in St. Louis.  The show runs from August 21 to October 15, 2014.

John Foster taught in the Fine Arts Department at Burroughs for 11 years (1976 - 1987). It was then that he and his wife began what was to become an extraordinary art collection, now recognized nationally for its depth and focus. Beginning first with American folk art, the collection evolved over the years to include art by those people marginalized in society, self-taught people who found a singular vision. In 2005, Art & Antiques Magazine named John Foster one of the “Top 100 Collectors” in the United States. The exhibition at Burroughs includes drawings, paintings, and sculpture as well as a portion of their vernacular photography collection which has been exhibited at nearly a dozen museums across the country.

Jesse Howard Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Nek Chand Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Kit Keith Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Hat Molds Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Nude Woman with Rhinestone Pasties carved from a Peach Pit Erotic Folk Art

Yes folks, step right up!  A Nude Woman with Rhinestone Pasties carved from a Peach Pit!  Even Abe Lincoln seems amazed, and he should be.  This little (nay, microscopic) miracle of precision carving and a fevered brow comes to us from the astounding shop of the amazing and curious CURLEY'S DEN of ANTIQUES.

Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Sewer Tile Folk Art Clay Pipe c. 1900

Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Sewer Tile Folk Art Clay Pipe c. 1900.  Dug near Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Possibly from the Davis Pottery,  Doyle Pottery or Stiven Pottery works active in Grand Rapids at the turn of the century?  See clip from "History of the City of Grand Rapids"by Albert Baxyer, 1891.  Thanks and a tip "o" the hat to S.T. 

Balsa Bighouse ! Cardboard Clink! Handmade Prison Model Folk Art Greybar Hotel

Handmade Folk Art Prison Model.  A patient and talented prisoner who lives up the river likely made this model of his home, but I have always had a problem with "prison art" when it involves a knife.  Isn't that the first thing they TAKE from prisoners?  Still, prison art is a legitimate collecting category, and I don't mean those ghouls who like to collect horrible clown paintings from Gacy or the handmade spiders Charlie Manson has been selling of late.  Plenty of confined artists do good work...even if only marking the wall daily.

Big House Folk Art Prison Model no date Collection Jim Linderman  

Vintage Folk Art Handmade Puppets circa 1945 collection Jim Linderman

A set of handmade puppetts circa 1945 made by a Welsh woman who moved to New York City and became a librarian.  The set was used for shows in the NYC library system.

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