Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Folk Art Pole full of Cowboy Culture.

Early snapshot of an unusual pole full of cowboy carvings! Unknown location Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Sculpture. Uncle Sam in North Dakota 1926

Antique folk art Uncle Sam waits for mail. Original anonymous snapshot 1926 Collection Jim Linderman

Cleo Crawford. Obscure African-American painter

A great, forgotten painting by African-American artist Cleo Crawford executed in 1938. Crawford lived in Haverstraw, New York. He unfortunately passed away shortly after his work was included in a Sidney Janis show and later the book “They Taught Themselves” in 1942. It also appears in Herbert Hemphill’s “Twentieth Century American Folk Art and Artists” in 1974. The other day I saw an eBay seller offering “Giclee print on canvas” reproductions! Ugh. My guess is that this was never approved by the legitimate owner. Cleo Crawford “Christmas” oil 28 x 40 1/2” Sidney and Harriet Janis collection, Museum of Modern Art

Burl Wood "Sculptures" from the Stump House Folk Art Environment RPPC

Two of my favorite Real Photo Postcards. From the defunct "Stump House" environment which burned up sometime around the early 1960s. Information about the place is sketchy. These big chunks of burl wood were turned into wonderful visual tricks. Check out the wood grain on the fence! Pair of Real Photo Postcards circa 1940? Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb