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Quote and Credit


Country Gentleman Crooners (Horrors in Wax #2)

Gentleman country crooner Wax Roy Acuff, front and center, tries to attract attention from his better dressed friends Wax Webb Pierce, Wax Carl Smith and Wax Hank Snow. Webb Pierce is the one in the spider web outfit.
Wax Museum Post Card C. 1965 Collection Jim Linderman

Mob Hits Oswald in Wax (Horrors in Wax #1)

The FIRST in my new series "Horrors in Wax"

Wax Lee Harvey Oswald, the only "lone nut" who worked for American Intelligence in at least four countries meets his old friend Wax Jack Ruby, who had more connections to the mob than Carlos Marcello.

Wax Museum Post Card circa 1965 Collection Jim Linderman

The Last Word in Sewing Cards

The most primitive, my favorite, and proof sometimes little brother helped. See following posts.

Primitive hand-sewn card, c. 1900 Collection Jim Linderman

Leaf Sewing Cards

Same thing as the post following, but secular and much more fun! Milton Bradley invented the paper cutter (!) but his endearing quality was quality toys. I can't date this set, but each represents a different leaf, thus teaching the child understanding of the world around them rather than the one only available to those who follow. These splendid cards would easily date to the late 1800's, but the company continued producing them in various versions, such as farm animals, well into the 1950's.

Leaf Sewing Cards and box c. 1880 Hand-Stitched Collection Jim Linderman

The Law of Love Temperance Lesson Sewing Card

A "stitch by hand" religious card. Most commonly known as "sewing cards" these were primitive pre-printed versions of 18th century samplers. Their function was to encourage a young woman to learn a proper home skill with a bonus moral lesson. "For God and Home and Native Land" was a slogan of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the white ribbons printed on the thread frame represent purity. The Reverend W. F. Crafts had a long career arguing for censorship, "blue laws" and such, his wife advocated Sunday School and wholesome pursuits as this card. Dated April 1903, one could subscribe and receive four cards a year. Publishers Ward & Drummond printed Mormon books among other religious material.

The Law of Love Temperance Lesson Hand-Stitched 1903 Collection Jim Linderman

Chess McCartney the Goatman

Forgive me for recently forgetting the birthday of Chess McCartney, the Goatman, who settled in Georgia after decades of travel across the country with goats pulling his wagon. By all accounts, his approaching town was announced by clanging pans and bleating animals, followed soon after by his pungent odor.

Free Thinking Christian Mission Headquarters of Chess McCartney The Goatman RRPC c. 1957 Collection Jim Linderman

Vintage Erotic Photography Site SSSSH!

NOTE: Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden blog was closed by the provider. Too Hot for the Web!!! Sample images, the essay and other material from the site is posted HERE

Tiger Woods and Backyard Putt Putt

In light (and in honor) of Tiger Woods rejoining the PGA tour after grueling physical therapy on his power knee, thereby giving meaning to my Sunday afternoons again...I thought it appropriate to provide instruction for your OWN course, no greens fees required. By the way, Tiger has donated over 22 million dollars of his winnings to charity, and his Foundation has distributed many millions more. He won't tell you, but I will. There ARE heros today, and one of them can hit a 300 yard drive any time he wants to.
Backyard Golf Course instructions c. 1960 Collection Jim Linderman

The Large, Light Airy Room Where Your Order Is Filled

Well, here are 30 Cincinnati jobs taken away by digital film. (Not to mention the fellas who worked in the dark, stuffy room where your orders were developed) We might also mention the folks who took your negatives to the post office, the folks who sold you stamps, the folks who filed your pictures by alphabet on their return to the shop (possibly sneaking a look at one or two of them) the check-out clerk you paid and on and on. When I see unemployment figures, I'm not so sure digital photography is such a good thing. When I see dwindling piles of the physical object to sort through at the flea market, I'm sure of it. (Univex film was popular around 1949, Bantam from the late 1930's to the late 1940's)

Photo Developing Inc. Advertising card c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Bill Alexander African-American Artist of Vintage Sleaze (Part One)

Bill Alexander was an African-American illustrator about whom virtually nothing is known. He did have some famous friends, I hope to write more about them later. A new CD release from the wonderful Acrobat label in the UK offers scarce images of his work in "Roy Milton's Miltone Records Story." I had known Alexander for his striking, colorful but inept fetish paintings done for the covers of vintage sleaze paperbacks (five from my collection shown here) after he moved from LA to NYC in the late 1950's or early 1960's. These books were published in 1967 and contain not a swear word, much less any graphic sex. Vintage Sleaze paperbacks are a wonderful, affordable hobby. They LOOK filthy, that was the idea after all, to attract consumers with lurid, tease covers, but the actual sex was no more graphic than in any romance novel. However, I had only seen a few of his drawings done for Miltone. The incredible new CD comes with a small 34 page book illustrating many of the illustrations Alexander produced for early 78 rpm "Picture Discs." Like the music, they were hip, urban, swinging, rocking and raunchy. Acrobat releases tend to sell out quickly, so get on your friendly provider's website and purchase soon. They have a wonderful back catalog and have been documenting many small independent R&B labels, all worthy and all beautiful. But this one, while offering no more information about the illustrator I love, does provide great illustrations which fit the music to a T. A great package and a wonderful introduction to an unsung Black Artist who deserves more research. I intended to link to the Acrobat website but seems to be a broken for now, and I read a recent blog posting which says the label may be in financial duress. They may continue as a download company only. If so, too bad. In the meantime, search your suppliers for this and all their previous releases!

Five"Vintage Sleaze" Paperback books Illustrated by Bill Alexander c.1967 (Private Pose, Pen Pals, Fair Choice, Be My Guest, Bath House Peeper) Collection Jim Linderman

Frank Wendt Serpent Queens Snake Women Sideshow Carnival Freak Photographs Frank Wendt

Harlot Herpetologists of the Victorian era. I can not explain the popularity of snake women other than a mixture of revulsion tinged with eroticism. It started with Eve, I suppose, but carnival performers in the earliest days were nearly always male, a fake snake charmer "from the East" who would perform with a basket, a cobra and a flute. When promoters learned it would be easier to squeeze coins out of the local townsfolk if a dame was involved...presto, the Serpent Queen! Snakes were easy to transport, a small box did it, and there was certainly no shortage of mice for food. Any female member of the crew could put on a wig and lure rubes into the tent where a usually harmless snake would curl seductively around the performer's waist. Always popular, I am sure there are still plenty of strippers out there working with a snake. (Text overlay to prevent folks from swiping the images and selling them on Ebay, a more up-to-date and just as effective technique of separating coins from rubes)

See THE WONDROUS WORLD OF FRANK WENDT for more Photographs by this artist.

Original Cabinet Card Photographs, circa 1880-1900 Collection Jim Linderman

House of Blue Lights Juke Joint

The once splendid "House of Blue Lights" nightclub outside of Athens, Georgia circa 1993. Seemingly a textbook example of African-American Architectural Iconography, there was nary a right angle to the place, and a good deal of it was intentional rather than from "settling." We knew the approximate location, but stopped at a fire station for directions, the fireman told us we were looking for "the old whorehouse" and directed us straight there. I do not know who built it, who owned it, who operated it or who shut it down, but I would have waited in line to hear the Rhythm and Blues when it opened, and I doubt you would have found a finer Juke Joint. Anyone with additional information is welcome to provide it. The last picture is your intrepid reporter trying to figure out why there are hundreds of nails pounded into the remarkable door in back.

House of Blue Lights Athens Georgia c. 1993 Original 35mm Photographs Collection Jim Linderman

Needle Books

The point here? Anything is collectible and everyone should collect something. Even an object as mundane as a book of sewing needles has some merit, and these usually cost less than a hamburger.
Group of Early 20th Century Sewing Books Collection Jim Linderman

My Big Brother Jesus

Mail for the kids from Jesus, 1960 style. One even has a mirror so the offending heathen can't avoid seeing their own guilty mug.

Three "gentle reminders" circa 1960 Collection Jim Linderman


"TAKE YOUR TIME"... "That looks nice son"... "Well, that was a short birthday"... Pressman Toys was founded in 1922. As unlikely as it may seem from this astoundingly underwhelming toy, they remain in business today.
Nail-O-Gram Box and finished product c. 1930 Collection Jim Linderman