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Quote and Credit


Resolution for the New Year?

Half of us MAKE resolutions at this time of year, but I don't have to tell you how many keep them. Unlike Skinny Harry and Jolly Joe here, just remember all things in moderation and don't use your cellphone while driving. Cheers!!!

Two Cabinet Card Photograph images Frank Wendt c. 1890 Sideshow Performer Carnival Freak
Pitch Cards Collection Jim Linderman

Internet Music Sales

A recent study found 10 million of the 13 million tracks available online failed to sell last year, much to the chagrin of digital track providers. A surprise, not. Libraries have always known the depth of the collection rarely circulates. The top 2% of the holdings in ANY archive account for 99% of the use. It is not unusual for 95 percent of any library collection to remain un-circulated for decades. However, you can not measure the value of that rare tidbit which might reach the right person. It is a law "bean counters" who analyze libraries (and now, with the same lack of insight, internet music shills) have failed to understand for years. Be grateful for what you have, providers! You've already helped destroy the concept of a coherent artistic statement by dissecting "albums" into digital bits of noise to be purchased in tiny chunks instead of being savored as a work of art in whole. Don't be surprised if the consumers you seek turn out to be incapable of seeking on their own. Top 2% of "music" feeding 98% of the consumers? They would rather sell to Beyonce fans than obscure hunting eccentrics anyway, right?

"Antique" Plywood Stairway to Heaven Shelf Unit c. 1950

Most definitions of an "antique" rely on the passing of time. An antique is 100 years old, although some definitions include objects only 50 years old. By this definition, the Eames chair, introduced in 1956, will be a four year old antique this new year. Plywood went into general use in 1905, though the first patent was established in 1865. Purists thus take note. Plywood is an antique. Antique "stairway to heaven" plywood shelf unit, handmade, circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Salesman sample 1950's flooring tile

Salesman samples are by definition small. Designed for traveling salesmen or as store giveaways, they allow the seller to point out exceptional features of the product. This "tested" floor tile sample not only allows a salesman to display three colors of the company flooring, it shows the strength. Note scuff mark on the yellow square. One can almost hear the salesman "Go ahead...STEP ON IT"

Michigan Tile Company Salesman Sample c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Dead Orange Soda Brands

A study by Tufts University researchers found that the main source of calories in the American diet today is sweetened drinks and sodas. Previously, Americans consumed most of their calories from white bread. They didn't drink these.

Eleven extinct soft drink bottles with original contents, sealed Collection Jim Linderman
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