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Quote and Credit


Tuck's Paintbox Postcards with watercolors included. Encouraging Juvenile artists from Great Britain in the early 19th Century.

One of the earliest and most successful commercial products created to encourage juvenile artists was the Tuck series of paintbox books. The company printed dozens of books with pre-printed images to be painted “within the lines” but the best were those which were enhanced with additional contributions by the artists. The books came with watercolor paint included! Far more personal than a standard card. The examples here, dating from 1905 to 1915 or so, come from the “Tuck’s Postcard Paintbox” series standard card. Hand-painted and mailed! Interestingly, the company also published the “psychedelic” cats of artist Lois Wain in his less trippy days…he was in their stable. Three hand-painted postcards from the Tuck Paintbox series Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Where did Noah's ark land? Programmatic Architecture Original postcard c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

If you have ever wondered where Noah’s Ark landed, here it is! North of Leucadia, CA at the Batiquitos lagoon! Note the pair of Giraffes poking their heads out of the roof. George Herbert build the boat in 1946 and it served patrons until around the 1960s. This appears to be a scarce postcard, the only other I find is an illustration. There must be considerable interest in the place, as someone is selling modern copies of the original menu. Deserts seem of most interest. They served up a Camel Banana special, a Brown Bear special, a Giraffe special and a Black Panther hot fudge sundae. Noah’s Ark Restaurant c. 1950 postcard collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb