Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Pair of Folk Art Portraits on an envelope mailed with Pennsylvania House of Representatives Franking Privilege ? Civil War era

A pair of pencil portaits dated 1861,likely by a young woman, which were drawn on an envelope which appears to have been mailed using Congressional franking privileges. Franking gives Members of Congress free postage. The "scrap paper" drawings have an embossed Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives stamp and was mailed in April 1861. Pair of Folk Art portraits 1861 Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

19th Century Calligraphy by Laura Trimble

Looks like Laura had to sqeeze her last name in here. An afterthought? Miniature Calligraphic drawing, c. 1890 Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb / Jim Linderman

Rare Photographs of Justin McCarthy and Elijah Pierce 1972 at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Two Man Show

I was surprised to come across a group of photographs of the outsider art masters Justin McCarthy and Elijah Pierce taken at their two-man show in 1972. At the time, there had been very few institutional exhibitions of this kind. Pierce had been "discovered" only a year earlier. McCarthy had been included in the "Seventeen Naive Painters" traveling show from the Museum of Modern Art in 1966. Along with the artists, the set shows my mentor Sterling Strauser with Elijah Pierce. I believe others at the show could be indentified by any old timers reading this...and it is interesting to see who turned up for the opening. These pictures actually come from contact prints taken by an as yet unidentified photographer. The whole set is posted on the digital archive of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts along with numerous installation views. Beautiful and historic pictures! See the entire set on the PFAFA Archives page at the following LINK

Antique Folk Art Hearts on a String. Lucile Effie Morse and the Colors of Love

Poignant folk art showing the hearts and colors of love. Six hearts, each a different color representing a different kind of love. Hopefully the image is large enough to read the text. "This is mine, warm with for you. This is one fellow's heart green like himself. This is the heart of a blue person without a mate!" and more. Titled "Hearts drawn by Lucile Effie Morse." Folk Art Hearts, 1911. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb. BOOKS AND EBOOKS ON FOLK ART AND POPULAR CULTURE BY JIM LINDERMAN ARE AVAILABLE FROM BLURB.COM

Early Photograph of a Cross Dresser

Well, I think this snapshot qualifies as an early photo of a cross-dresser...even if it was posed in jest. Still an unusual vernacular photograph. Untitled (Man in Women's lingerie) anonymous Dated on reverse 1935. Collection Jim Linderman

Primitive Vintage Embroidered Bible Crib Quilt collection Jim Linderman

Bible Crib Quilt with Embroidered Primitive Biblical stories. 24 individual numbered events. 32" x 48" Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb