Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Moonshine served HERE Moonshine Party TONIGHT!

Moonshine party!  Original Snapshot no date. The best song about the powerful brew is, of course, that sung by the legendary Possum....George Jones.  For related images of inebriated joy and passion set to music, see the new book THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the publisher  Dust to Digital

Blaze Starr Self Portrait RIP Collection Jim Linderman

In case you missed it, A fireball fell on June 15, 2015.  Blaze Starr was 83 years old.  She invented modern burlesque, slept with at least one president and more.  This is a treasured self-portrait she did for me.  They DO still make them like Blaze, but none of them will ever come close.

Self-Portrait by Blaze Starr  Collection Jim Linderman

The Great American Baseball Game Hustler Toys 1924

The Great American Baseball Game Hustler Toys 1924.  Wooden base, lithographed tin.  Works fine!

Antique Erotic Folk Art Novelty Carving Man in a Barrel


Erotic Folk Art Joke Carving Man in a Barrel circa 1920.  

The Saddest School Autograph Book Handmade and Brutal

Not only is this depression era autograph book handmade, it appears a brother and sister had to share it.  That would be sad enough, but the signatures indicate neither were exactly the most popular kids in class.

Cropped like a Corset Photographic Manipulation before Photoshop

Here a vintage photograph takes away some curves in an early example of photographic dieting (which shows women have been presented doctored up earlier than one might think.) Actually published photos have been lying all along.  (See my earlier post "Pictures always lie".) Never mind that this photo was likely used to advertise a nightclub performance for men...it is deceptive and as we have long known, demeaning.  One reason I like to tell stories with vernacular photographs is that the professional ones always deceive.  We have always taken it for granted, I guess.  Guess what I just learned?  Advertisements lie too! 

Slim made slimmer for publication vintage photograph, circa 1950.  Collection Jim Linderman  See information on new photobook THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL HERE.

Blues in Brooklyn African-American Mug Shots from the Collection of Jim Linderman

Real Black gangsters, I guess.  Criminals from the 1950s, but presumed, I am afraid, guilty until proven otherwise. Given attitudes, practices and institutional racism when taken,  these sharp-dressers might have been just walking to work.

Striking Photographs, each near 8" x 10" and each handed back and forth from lawyers, prosecutors, file clerks and now collectors. Another reminder that the photograph was a tool and a physical object which developed surface, wear and form as it aged.

Jim Linderman's newest book of photographs is THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL and is available from the publisher DUST TO DIGITAL, AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE AND OTHER FINE RETAIL OUTLETS.     

Trompe L'oeil Drawing with Real Photo Postcards circa 1910 Collection Jim Linderman

An unusual miniature Trompe L'oeil drawing seems to depict Real Photo Postcards circa 1910.  Trompe L'oeil drawing is intended to "trick the eye" into seeing three dimensional objects rendered in painted or drawn detail.  This miniature drawing shows three real photo postcards atop the cover of a book.  As such, it represents how RPPC images had become common objects early in the 20th century, and also that they were familiar enough to be used by visual artists.  Gems by the Wayside was a collection of religious and domestic poems published in 1855 by Lydia Odell Baxter, an invalid bible student and writer who passed away in 1874. I find no information as to when volume 2 was published.  The signature of the artist is illegible.  The book is only 3" x 4" and the post card "on top" is only 1.5" x 2.5".      Circa 1910 Collection Jim Linderman

Old Folk Art Sign STAR Greenhouses Big Rapids Collection Jim Linderman

Old Folk Art Sign STAR Greenhouses Big Rapids. 55" x 16"  The operation apparently burned down in the 1940s.  Plywood with cutout letters and original paint circa 1940  Collection Jim Linderman