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Quote and Credit


Gus Pufahl The World's Greatest Whittler of Monoma Iowa

Gus Pufahl 1858 - 1949. “World’s Greatest Whittler” of Monoma, Iowa. Pair of Real Photo Postcards circa 1930. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb Additional photos of Pufahl and his carved chains available at http://iagenweb.org/clayton/documents/Pufahl.htm #folkart #woodcarvings #antique

True Crime Dull Tool Dim Bulb. The Great Iuka Illinois Bank Robbery of 1921 Original Drawing

A rare first person account of a 1921 bank robbery in Iuka, Illinois. Obviously a notorious day for the residents…but there isn’t enough printed material to write a screenplay. The drawing provides more color than the press. Here there is enough to write a song! the one substantial article found is enough to confirm that yes, bank employee Miss Kelley did leap into her Essex automobile to give chase! Surely a local hero. The account from The Chicago Banker of February 11, 1922 reports “Ed Hall, 19 years old of Flora was found guilty here of robbery in connection with the holding up of the State Bank of Iuca, December 20, in which over 18,000 was stolen. Hall’s younger brother, Lex, 17 years old, who was indicted with him, was found not guilty. The younger Hall had twenty-one witnesses to prove his alibi that he was in Flora, Ill. at the time of the robbery. Ed hall tried to prove that he was at Kincaid, Ill. at the time of the robbery. Mildred Kelly, 22-year employee at the bank, who gave chase in an automobile after the robbery, identified Ed Hall as one of the participants in the robbery. The Hall Brothers were arrested December 26.” Unfortunately, I find nothing written about “the semi-professional ball player” or Lester. Original drawing 1921 collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

The invention of Graffiti art 19th century stereoview photograph collection Jim Linderman

The invention of graffiti (or at least among the first instances of it being photographed) Imagine how difficult it was for urchins to tag building before the invention of spray paint…which happened in 1947. Stereoview photograph circa 1870 Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb the Blog #graffiti #stereoview. #dulltooldimbulb #juvenilleart

Plywood Caveman ? Vintage real photo postcard of the Ozark Bluff Dwellers

Plywood Caveman Cutout! Real Photo Postcard directing tourists to the Bluff Dwellers Cave in the Ozarks. The cave was discovered in 1925 and opened to the public two years later. Once inhabited by the "Ozark Bluff Dwellers" but sealed by a landslide 2000 or so years ago. The card is unmailed and not dated but likely not long after the owners opened it for tours. "SEE MY CAVE" roadside sign RPPC collection Jim Linderman

R. Winter Folk Art Environment Real Photo Postcard collection Jim Linderman

Richard Winter was another visionary builder who sold real photo postcards of his creation. Among the KEEP OUT signs there is one reading “Postcards of this park for sale” Here’s mine! Dated too…makes it easy to identify the site. Mondovi, Wisconsin is a town of a few thousand. Remnants of the little park remain but not much. The seated figure has had his head lopped off now, of course. R. Winter’s Park. Mondovi Wisconsin dated 1922 Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #folkartenvironment #rppc #realphotopostcard #outsiderart #folkart

When Dreams Come True Folk Art Wood Construction by Loring A. Wood

One of the lesser known wonders of the world was Loring A. Wood’s giant log construction “When Dreams Come True” A VERY big project with very little historical information remaining. Most of what is known appears to come from the wooden sign shown in the photo. “Largest log entrance of nature in the world. Taken from a dream. Built by Loring A. Wood alone. 3200 logs from 464 trees.” along with information on purchasing a postcard. I’ve obtained two different over the years.. The massive sculpture was 100 feet long and 40 feet tall. Dated 1932, which was likely the completion date. The Umpqua Valley Museums Page refers to an autobiography by Mr. Woods which I have not seen. Real Photo Postcard of the When Dreams Come True Scenic Archway 1932 Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

African-American Yard Show Folk Art in the Black Eden Idlewild, Michigan Black History 1915 RPPC Collection Jim Linderman

Dated 1915 (which makes it likely one of the earliest photos of an African-American Yard Show) this scarce RPPC comes from Idlewild, Michigan. The city was founded in 1912 specifically as a resort town for black tourists who weren’t welcome most places at the time. A refuge from Jim Crow laws still rampant. Here, Black citizens could legally buy property, relax, use the facilities, fish the lake and take up residence. Numerous black notables visited and vacationed in Idlewild…even Louis Armstrong purchased a home there. The famed Flamingo Club operated and attracted countless famous Black entertainers. Members of the Black intelligentsia from Chicago and further established a foothold and the city flourished. By the 1920s Over 6000 people had purchased 17,000 lots in the area. Many articles and several books tell the history of the birth, decline and ongoing restoration of this Black Eden. The owner of this establishment is unidentified. The awning identifies the place as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the rock creature has “Swannee River” written on it. Both problematic now, but during the earliest days of the 19th century black condemnation of Uncle Tom was not as strong as today. As for “Swannee” River, it could refer to the actual waterway (which ran from Georgia to Florida) rather than to the Stephen Foster song “Old Folks at Home” by written in 1851 and STILL the official state song of Florida. The song has a controversial history well-documented (having been composed as a minstrel tune) but it is surprising to see here in this context. Several of my posts have received informative comments from Michiganders. I hope some can add more information on this unusual find. The Folk Artist from Black Eden. African-American Yard Show art Idlewild, Michigan 1915 Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb I have posted numerous other yard show photos on the Dull Tool Dim Bulb blog over the years, but this one is the oldest. #yardshow. #yardart. #blackfolkart. #african-american. #rppc. #idlewild #michigan. #realphotopostcard. #outsiderart. See the Wikipedia article on Idlewild HERE

Antique Folk Art Carved Articulated Figure Original Paint

Folk Art Carved articulated figure with original paint. Early 20th century. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #antiquefolkart. #folkarttoy #originalpaint #jimlinderman #dulltooldimbulb

Outsider Art. Famous British Women by Basil Merrett

Basil Merrett was institutionalized at Bethlem Royal Hospital in London as a psychiatric patient. These drawings, each approximately 4" x 6" were done circa 1945-1950. The artist created some 1,000 works of this size,each heavily filled with handwritten text on the reverse. The work was created in numbered series and included authors, musicians, religious images and prominent figures from history. Basil Merrett Drawings c. 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

Original Bibleland in Florida. Real Photo Postcard images of a Folk Art Environment

I seem to collect plywood Jesus images. These come from the original BIBLELAND, a somewhat charming theme park / folk art environment erected by Foy Morse (?) which used to be operated near Orlando in Kissimmee, Florida. Please note these postcards do NOT come from the huge bible land once owned by Trinity Broadcasting Co. and also built in near Orlando. That one was a 16 million dollar debacle with a FIFTY DOLLAR admission price and a massive failure even after former Governor Jeb Bush granted them tax-free status. Florida used to be cute and funny…now it’s just an embarrassment. The sordid story is well reported, so browse one up. I don’t want to link to them. Meanwhile there is virtually nothing written about the original. However, it appears the original one had a “free-will” admission policy. Real Photo Postcards collection Jim Linderman #folkartenvironment. #dulltooldimbulb #rppc

Bored with Geometry May 12, 1930 Hand Drawn Handkerchief by a Schoolboy and Friends

Bored with Geometry May 12, 1930 Hand Drawn Handkerchief by a Schoolboy and Friends. A collobrative effort passed along to classmates. Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Ventriloquist Figures

Chatterboxes! Pair of Antique Folk Art Vent Figures early 20th century. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Scholar Tyler Sonnichsen finds out if Harlowe's Wooden Man still exists

Scholar Tyler Sonnichsen finds out if Harlowe's Wooden Man still exists! Read his account at the link: https://sonicgeography.com/2021/12/03/ben-irving-visits-marquette-michigan-august-1941/

Clown with Guitar Painting

A first for Dull Tool Dim Bulb, It's a clown with the blues! Private Collection, Michigan.

Tuck's Paintbox Postcards with watercolors included. Encouraging Juvenile artists from Great Britain in the early 19th Century.

One of the earliest and most successful commercial products created to encourage juvenile artists was the Tuck series of paintbox books. The company printed dozens of books with pre-printed images to be painted “within the lines” but the best were those which were enhanced with additional contributions by the artists. The books came with watercolor paint included! Far more personal than a standard card. The examples here, dating from 1905 to 1915 or so, come from the “Tuck’s Postcard Paintbox” series standard card. Hand-painted and mailed! Interestingly, the company also published the “psychedelic” cats of artist Lois Wain in his less trippy days…he was in their stable. Three hand-painted postcards from the Tuck Paintbox series Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Where did Noah's ark land? Programmatic Architecture Original postcard c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

If you have ever wondered where Noah’s Ark landed, here it is! North of Leucadia, CA at the Batiquitos lagoon! Note the pair of Giraffes poking their heads out of the roof. George Herbert build the boat in 1946 and it served patrons until around the 1960s. This appears to be a scarce postcard, the only other I find is an illustration. There must be considerable interest in the place, as someone is selling modern copies of the original menu. Deserts seem of most interest. They served up a Camel Banana special, a Brown Bear special, a Giraffe special and a Black Panther hot fudge sundae. Noah’s Ark Restaurant c. 1950 postcard collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Vintage Drawings of Railroad Characters collection Jim Linderman

A group of four humorous drawings by one Ike Harrison depicting railroad workers and (of course) a raillway cop. Dated 1951. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Cleo Crawford. Obscure African-American painter

A great, forgotten painting by African-American artist Cleo Crawford executed in 1938. Crawford lived in Haverstraw, New York. He unfortunately passed away shortly after his work was included in a Sidney Janis show and later the book “They Taught Themselves” in 1942. It also appears in Herbert Hemphill’s “Twentieth Century American Folk Art and Artists” in 1974. The other day I saw an eBay seller offering “Giclee print on canvas” reproductions! Ugh. My guess is that this was never approved by the legitimate owner. Cleo Crawford “Christmas” oil 28 x 40 1/2” Sidney and Harriet Janis collection, Museum of Modern Art

Burl Wood "Sculptures" from the Stump House Folk Art Environment RPPC

Two of my favorite Real Photo Postcards. From the defunct "Stump House" environment which burned up sometime around the early 1960s. Information about the place is sketchy. These big chunks of burl wood were turned into wonderful visual tricks. Check out the wood grain on the fence! Pair of Real Photo Postcards circa 1940? Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Antique Folk Art Vent / doll / puppet hand-carved. Early 20th century. Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Antique Folk Art Vent / doll / puppet hand-carved. Mouth moves with primitive crank mechanism. Feedback cloth remnants. Early 20th century. Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb