Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


19th Century Folk Art Handmade Jack In the Box Folk Art Toy

My second 19th Century Folk Art Handmade Jack In the Box.  A little prize for a child way back when, and for a handmade toy collector like me today.  See other example HERE.

My WPA Sculpture Restoration Project

WPA era sculputure of a woman, and my restoration project for the last five years.  I'm not a fast worker!  This is from over 100 pieces, with many to go.  Figure is 20 inches tall and nearly three feet around.  Worth saving.  When all the pieces are firmly attached, I'll make a paste out of the "crumbs" which I saved as well and fill in some cracks. 

Real Cowgirls original snapshot photograph circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

Cowgirls snapshot circa 1940  Collection Jim Linderman  
You may also enjoy the following photography book by the author. Cyber Shopping!

Shavings Shop Whirligig Maker and what it Inspired

From a listing on ebay, I found some new information on the whirligig shop shown in this RPPC and which I previously discussed extensively HERE

Turns out it was used as inspiration for a Joseph Lincoln Novel titled SHAVINGS in 1920. 

Antique Folk Art Sculpture Carving Articulated Dancing Man

Antique Folk Art Sculpture Carving Articulated Dancing Man with worn out ankles!  Circa 1940. Collection Jim Linderman

Man with Camera and Man with Telephone

Man with Camera and Man with Telephone circa 1920.  From the BOOK Eccentric Folk Art Drawings : Obscure Drawings of the 19th and 20th Centuries from the Linderman Collection.     "When does an artist become an artist...?" 
 Available in paperback or PDF Download HERE

Bettie Page Nude Camera Club Study by Rudolph Rossi 1952

Bettie Page Nude Camera Club Study by Rudolph Rossi 1952 Original 8 x 10 Hand-tinted by the artist.  Collection Jim Linderman

Dutch Twins at the Tulip Festival Wooden Shoes in Michigan 1943

Two crisp 8 x 10 original photographs from the Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival, a show which persists to this day.  They both show the Baker Twins.  They are joined by friends for the second.  The Tulip Time Festival has been going on since 1929, and as these photos are from 1943, they weren't going to let Hitler's occupation of the real Holland stop the show. 

In 1928, The Holland city council bought 100,000 tulip bulbs from Holland and stuck them in the ground.  They come up every year, and so do buses of tulip fans.  

Holland, MI is super-conservative and super-religious. The "What would Jesus Do" wristbands originated there.  The city recently adopted a backwards anti-discrimination policy which specifically omitted the rights of LGBT citizens as well, but that will go away when they finally learn it's bad for business.  There are some level-headed progressives working to correct the situation, and 25 years from now I suspect the Tulip Festival will be more crowded then ever. I mean please.

"The Baker Twins" photographs, 1943 by anonymous.  Collection Jim Linderman 

You might also be interested in the coffee table book THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL

Antique Folk Art Sculpture Tin Weathervane Whirligig of an Airplane

Tin Weathervane Whirligig circa 1935?  Original Barn Red, secondary coat radiator silver.  Collection Jim Linderman

We are already getting Christmas Catalogs...Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood closed all their retail outlets this year. A shame.  Somewhere between on-line sales and the power of Victoria's secret lies the reason.  Soon, all retail will be gone and shopping neighborhoods will only be good for an ice cream cone or one of those dough pretzels.  There is just no way to compete with online sales, at least in America.  If what remains of the middle class had any disposable income anymore, they might walk into a mall once in a while...but it won't last much longer.  Soon even the minimum wage retail jobs will be gone.  Stores will hire extra help for Black Friday and lay them off the day after.

Still, Frederick's lasted quite a little while.  The company was started in 1947, but it was taken private by a conglomerate after bankruptcy in 2014.  It is now owned by "Authentic Brands Group"  who buys brands to license them for tacky products.  They own Elvis, Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe too. Authentic!

Vintage Frederick's of Hollywood cribbed from ebay.  

Giant Refrigerator Giant. World's Largest Salesman! RPPC 1951

It's bad enough to move a refrigerator, but when the International Harvester company went into the fridge business, they had to move their humongous fabricated salesman too!  Many of the ill-fated giant boxes survive, but I am not sure where the dummy ended up.   I also do not find anything which indicates the box "ran silent" which is no surprise.

The web is full of folks asking if the International Harvester refrigerator they found in the barn has any value.  One helpful suggestion says "they make great smokehouses" and another drilled a hole in his for a spigot and keeps a keg of beer inside!

Apparently the machine talked too...I don't know if the dummy did.  There is another postcard with a woman trying to open the giant door, and it says the box talked to her on the reverse.
Real Photo Postcard 1951 "Have just seen this 13 ft. giant at the 1951 Ohio State Fair.  He was telling every one about the many exclusive feathers of the International Harvester Refrigerators and Freezers" caption on reverse.  Collection Jim Linderman