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Quote and Credit


We are already getting Christmas Catalogs...Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood closed all their retail outlets this year. A shame.  Somewhere between on-line sales and the power of Victoria's secret lies the reason.  Soon, all retail will be gone and shopping neighborhoods will only be good for an ice cream cone or one of those dough pretzels.  There is just no way to compete with online sales, at least in America.  If what remains of the middle class had any disposable income anymore, they might walk into a mall once in a while...but it won't last much longer.  Soon even the minimum wage retail jobs will be gone.  Stores will hire extra help for Black Friday and lay them off the day after.

Still, Frederick's lasted quite a little while.  The company was started in 1947, but it was taken private by a conglomerate after bankruptcy in 2014.  It is now owned by "Authentic Brands Group"  who buys brands to license them for tacky products.  They own Elvis, Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe too. Authentic!

Vintage Frederick's of Hollywood cribbed from ebay.  

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