Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


An Early Folk Art Whirligig Sculpture Environment in Michigan 1916

A previously undocumented Folk Art Environment with Whirligigs (and a stone "Uncle Tom" in the front yard...) Michigan  Dated on the reverse 1915.  Collection Jim Linderman

A Most Curious Real Photo Postcard Girl with a Fur Coat

A Most Curious Real Photo Postcard.  Young Girl with a (new?) Coat stands on a tree stump amid rubble, the city in the background.  She nearly blends into the tree behind her...almost like a camouflaged animal who has adapted a defense mechanism.   A Hobo camp?  Kruxo RPPC, which would indicate somewhere from 1905 to 1925.  

Untitled Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman
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Dull Tool Goes Native! Folk Art Sculpture of the Semi-Erotic kind.

No, we didn't commission some local island artisan to carve our portraits...this is American and it is fantatasticalish

Untitled Folk Art Carving circa 1950? Collection Jim Linderman

Ray Strikes Out on Valentine's Day

Novelty Card for Valentines which isn't funny...Ray tries to thaw out a frozen heart.
Late 19th, Early 20th Century

Collection Jim Linderman

Miss Pearl Johnson's Valentine

The one for Teacher.

Homemade Valentine circa 1940?  Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Handmade Folk Art Jack in the Box Primitive Make-do Toy

Considering how easy this primitive toy would be to make, it is surprising more haven't been made (or shown?)  

A folk art handmade Jack in the Box toy, turn of the century (ghost?)  Spring, box, sock doll.
Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Sculpture Water Wheel Whirligig Articulated Figure

Folk Art Sculpture Water Wheel Whirligig Articulated Figure No Date circa 1930 
Collection Jim Linderman

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Hand Drawn Postcards Home A Soldier writes and Draws from the Front Franz Ruoff 1918

Hand Drawn Postcards Home  A Soldier writes and Draws from the Front by Franz Ruoff 1918  Collection Jim Linderman
Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman available HERE

Jim Linderman interview on No Such Thing As Was with Joe Bonomo

Rock and Roll in Sepia: A Conversation with Jim Linderman

Jim Linderman
Jim Linderman is an archivist of the obscure. I profiled him here in 2011 and continue to deeply enjoy the curios he finds and actively posts at his three blogs, Old Time Religion ("Vernacular religious detritus"), Vintage Sleaze ("The true and untold story of smut in America"), and Dull Tool Dim Bulb ("Surface, wear, form and authenticity in art, antiques and photography"). He's just released a terrific new book via Blurb, a collection of found photographs titled The Birth of Rock and Roll in which he's arranged a storyboard of sorts that dramatizes the spirit, if not the chronology of rock and roll...


Antique Folk Art Fish Sign from Punta Gorda, Florida

Lots of folk art fish signs are fake.  I have no idea why, but I guess unscrupulous antique dealers like to "reel in" a "big catch" at some of those high-priced shows.  How to tell if your tin sign is real?  Uneven rust throughout...more on one side than the other. Imagine a piece of tin hanging in the elements and consider what would happen to it over the years.  Reddish rust all over is often a sign of a chemical bath done at the fake folk art store.  The same applies to weathervanes and such.  It should look weathered. 

Punta Gorda, which has weathered a few hurricanes, is HERE on Wiki, and the official website of the town is HERE

Tin Fish Sign from Punta Gorda, Florida.  40 inches long.  Old.  Collection Jim Linderman
Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman are available HERE

The Dead Pig of 1913 RPPC Collection Jim Linderman

There IS a wonderful book useful for dating Real Photo Postcards, but once in a while the original owner (or person who commissioned the photo) makes it easy.  This giant pig slopped his last in 1913, but unlike many of his fellow porkers, was documented for all.

The book is Real Photo Postcard Guide by Roberrt Bogdan and Todd Weseloh from 2006.

Real Photo Postcard (The Dead 1913 Pig) Collection Jim Linderman