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Quote and Credit


Black History Month original snapshot photographs from the book The Birth of Rock and Roll by Jim Linderman

Untitled (anonymous) From a set of ten snapshots, c. 1950-1960 collection Jim Linderman (From the book The Birth of Rock and Roll) #blackhistorymonth #snapshot #dance #vernacularphotography.

The Election of 1936. Amateur hand drawn Broadsides from Both sides

This pair of hand drawn amateur broadsides from the 1936 election reveal political discourse is nothing new. The stakes were high then too…but fortunately Roosevelt won (and the world was saved with help from our European allies). NATO, anyone? I had to censor a shameful racial epithet (from the Republican advocate (of course) but otherwise things are about the same. Handmade political broadsides with drawings 1936. Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

Dirt Track Disaster ! George Herzog Dies on the Ho-Ho-Kus New Jersey Racetrack 1934

Two morbid crayon drawings pay a gruesome tribute to early race driver George Herzog in 1934. The Ho-Ho-Kus NJ half-mile dirt track was created for horses, not humans. Calls for the track to be closed were dismissed in 1932. Better to satisfy the daredevil culture of the young artist here. “George Herzog, 23 years old, of Matawan, N.J., one of ten finalists in the feature event of the automobile races here today, was fatally injured when his machine overturned three times. His neck was broken and he received other injuries, dying in an ambulance on the way to the Paterson General Hospital.” NYT May 30, 1934. The year before this tragic event, Mr. Herzog had been granted a patent for a new “crank shaft grinder” so he was an early gear head. The lurid, sorrowful event depicted by a pair of particularly vibrant crayon works. Kudos for the artist for seemingly inventing the phrase “Deadhead” decades before the Grateful Dead! Thanks to Natalie Curley Antiques! Anonymous crayon drawings, 1934 by Anonymous Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb the Blog #automobile. #racing #ho-ho-kus. #death. #racetrack #selftaughtartist

Handmade miniature American Flag Book Watercolor Schoolgirl Art

A page from an early handmade miniature book with watercolors of notable colonial flags. A school project by a young woman. The page here shows the controversial “Don’t tread on me” Gasden flag, most recently seen among the cretins breaking into our Capitol building. To date, 1230 of the crowd have been prosecuted, many because they were dumb enough to post selfies of themselves doing it. “The American Flag” handpainted booklet crayon, watercolor Early 20th Century. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Love During Wartime letters home with hand drawn cachets World War Two

A heartbreaking entry in the “Love during Wartime” series on the blog. A series of letter envelopes from a soldier to his love back home in 1942, each with a hand drawn cachet. Thanks and a tip of the hat To Boxlot on Facebook. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Capt. George Harvey Sea Goofs Driftwood Sculptures of Oregon Folk Art

In which we hit either a new high or a new low! “One of the famous “Sea Goofs” created by Capt. George Harvey entirely by driftwood, shells, etc. found on the ocean beaches of Oregon. The entire collection is on display at the Look-out on Cape Fowlweather, Oregon Coast.” Set of Real Photo Postcards c. 1950? Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb. #folkart. #driftwood. #sculpture. #Oregon #rppc #realphotopostcard

Antique Folk Art Bottle Whimsey of a Telegraph Tapper

A wonderful folk art bottle whimsey of a telegraph tapper! I placed a photo of an actual piece below as I don’t think many remember the telegraph. Think S.O.S. Samuel Morse tapped out his famous “What Has God Wrought” from Washington to Baltimore in 1844 and communication was never the same. Dots and Dashes predated the telephone by 40 years or so, but the little device lasted for years beyond. I imagine a solitary telegraph operator waiting for signals, and filling his time (and this inkwell bottle) out of boredom. Only two inches tall! A beautiful little folk art sculpture with considerable historical interest. Handmade bottle whimsey depicting a telegraph tapper in a bottle. Collection Jim Linderman. Circa 1850 - 1900. #folkart #whimsies #whimsy. #whimsey. #antique. #telegraph