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Folk Art Hand Carved Organ and Musician

Handmade Folk Art Organ and Player. I don’t know much about this hand carved figure playing his organ with LOTS of wooden parts…other than either he or the organ is an “RG. Detailed! Frayed wire would have plugged in the sheet music holder.10 inches wide. Antique Folk Art miniature Organ with Carved wooden player. Late 19th early 20th century. Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb #folkartsculpture #folkart. #miniature. #model.

Andrew Clemans Sand Artist original postcard 19th century Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

The one of a kind sand art bottles of Andrew Clemens are well known to 19th century American Folk Art collectors. I recently found this postcard which indicates the artist was used by an advertiser! I am not familiar with any other folk artists (or sand artists) who were sponsored by a clothier…nor if the John Kramer company of McGregor, IA sponsored any others. Clemens was a good choice. He was a deaf mute living in the same town and his art is something to behold. He also took out his OWN ads in the local newspaper. Clemens would dig sand from the nearby Pikes Peak State Park (Pictured Rocks) and meticulously separate them by color to create his bottles. He made hundreds but not too many survive. Hence, very expensive when one is available. Clemens died at age 37. I do not know if this one still exists. Recently, as Antiques and the Art Weekly reported, a group of three bottles exceeded a million dollars. Original Postcard of Andrew Clemens Sand Art circa 1894 - 1900? Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb #folkart. #sandart. #dulltooldimbulb

Joe Chesnut Master Whittler and Wood Carver Folk Art Sculpture Real Photo Postcard

Joe Chesnut and his handmade train. Note large group of whimsy carvings lower right. Miniature tools, good luck charms, chain Real Photo Postcard dated on handcut sign. 1900. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #rppc. #realphotopostcard #folkart #sculpture #carving #dulltooldimbulb

Estorica and 7 Zephyrs Primitive Erotic Novels from Mexico in the 1950s.

Alas a project I may never get to, the photo-porn of 7 Zephyrs and Estorica Press. Remember the mimeograph machine? 7 Zephyrs Press was a primitive smut publisher working just over the border in Juarez and Tijuana, Mexico. By 1955, the modest business had published well over 200 individually numbered titles.  Each had primitive drawings to illustrate the deviant goings on. The company also ran a lending library!  One could RENT individual titles and trade them back. Buy one, read it and return for another. Each title was "cranked out" in editions of 100 or so and numbered like a set of prints. I collected the 8 x 11 ditto machine ditties 15 years ago hoping to share their contents once again, but times change and now google blurs the content. Alas. I have a list of 99 titles which were published! Primitive and scarce. Each has some 25 pages of homemade action to supply the American market…just like the drugs of today. Over the years I’ve wondered about printing my own limited edition book bringing back the highlights, but technology usurped the market! Assorted editions of 7 Zephyrs Press erotic novels. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Justin McCarthy American Artist early drawing Skinanboan's. Collection Jim Linderman

Justin McCarthy 1891 - 1977 McCarthy’s works in a serial format were created not long after his release from Rittersville State Home for the Insane 1920’s and into the 1930s.The commercial use of the speech balloon was still fairly new at the time. US Newspaper cartoonists began telling stories in the form around 1919.Justin McCarthy at the time was attempting to sell patent drugs and remedies without much success. The patter of a marketer is satirized in this early piece. He would also draw humorous groups of small works and assemble them on pasteboard and showcard during the decade. This drawing is a good example of the artist’s humor and draftsmanship…often the protagonist resembles the artist somewhat. Untitled (Skinanboan’s Caster Oil Pills) c. 1930. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #outsiderart. #folkart. #artbrut. #JustinMcCarthy

A Vintage Mechanical Gag Postcard of a Cow and a Drawn by Hand copy! Both Mailed.

A pair of “mechanical” postcards, one printed and the other a bootleg! The gag is to pull down a strip of paper revealing the udders. Both of these were mailed, one in 1907 and the other in 1908. It didn’t take long for someone to steal the idea. A great example of an industrious copycat. Hand drawn example courtesy a friend. Pair of original postcards circa 1907-1908. one handmade. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb the blog. #postcard. #novelty. #cow. #dulltooldimbulb

Lauren Leja Storywear at the Elusie Gallery in Easthampton, MA

Artist Lauren Leja expands the concept of the book and writing. Her incessant coating of objects with hand-written text is less about obsession than hard work and persistence. The result addresses concepts of context, story and object. I like it. For this show, sculptural objects are transformed with the written words of an institutionalized man to his brother. The work will be showing at the Elusie Gallery in East Hampton, MA with an opening April 11, 2024.

Rover the Folk Art Dog by Jim Linderman

This little dog holds a story and some advice. The dog, once named “Rover” passed through my hands 25 years ago. While in line for one of the (now) legendary Pier Shows in NYC I was chatting with a folk art dealer. We were both there early and sharing strategy. I said I always look at the small things first. He said he always looked at the big things first. Back then either strategy worked well. We both usually found things worth buying, as those were really great shows. It was the early 1990s and the perfect time to be shopping for whatever. Around the same time I went to one of the gigantic Atlantic City toy shows. It was huge, filling the cavern of the same place which held the Miss America pageants. There must have been a million toys on display. There among a pile of used Pez dispensers was the the little dog. I paid something like ten bucks. Imagine my surprise when I got home and consulted my library. There was my new little dog illustrated in the book “The All-American Dog: Man’s Best Friend in Folk Art” published in 1978. Obviously somehow Rover had gotten lost, shuffled and separated. I don’t have the book any longer…nor do I have the dog. I think I know who owned him before he ended up in a toy store but I’m not going to repurchase the book to help me remember. I in turn traded him to a departed folk art dealer hundreds of miles away for piece of equal value a few years later. He named him Rover and he was a great guy. Somehow decades later he appeared on the 1st Dibs website where he was again sold. We all sold too cheap. I don’t know where he is now. The lesson? Look at the small things at antique shows, and If you own a piece of folk art which has appeared in a book or show, put a label on him. Your dog could get lost. Photo of Rover from the 1st Dibs website. Dog now in a private collection somewhere. https://www.1stdibs.com/.../unusual-dog-folk.../id-f_519899/ Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Easter. The Empty Tomb folk art environment of B. F. Perkins

Reverend B. F. Perkins was a veteran and a preacher. B.F. stood for Benjamin Franklin. He built this tomb in Bankston, Alabama near the Heartline Assembly Church of God where he preached. His concrete interpretation of the empty tomb has the open door and gourds for birds. Rev. Perkins was patriotic and steadfast In his belief. I have read that his 5 acre grounds of church and tomb are gone. B. F. Perkin’s Empty Tomb, early 1990s original photograph Jim Linderman

Herman Bridgers Repurposes a Coca Cola Slow School Crossing Sign

Artist Herman Bridgers of North Carolina created the astounding sculpture on the left (which I believe was a yard sentry) by repurposing a Coca-Cola “Crossing Guard” sign from the mid 20th century. Unfortunately the crossing guard (Slow School Zone) tin man has been reproduced and now turns up along with other crappy fake signs on eBay. No one will be able to reproduce the one Bridgers made (which is now in a prominent collection) Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

Antique Folk Art Drawing 19th on hand stitched fabric Young Woman and Man. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Young woman and man hand-drawn on stitched fabric,19th Century Folk Art. Signed on reverse Elsie Larue Moyer. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

Rattlesnake Sculpture from Texas.

On reverse “1090 Rattle Snakes represented in this design to be seen at Buckhorn Saloon. San Antonio, Texas” “Combination Design representing the emblem of American and Mexican Eagle Made entirely out of the Rattles of the Diamond Back Rattlesnake to be seen at Albert’s Buckhorn Saloon” and "Indian Heads" There were apparently 12 different post cards of the establishment sold as a set in 1920. They were subsequently republished by a different printer as well. These 1920, published by Nic Tengg. Rattlesnake sculpture. Pair of original post cards 1920 collection Jim Linderman / Dull. Tool Dim Bulb

World's Largest Last Supper made of Buttons ! Norman C. Engler of Arkansas

One never knows where a postcard will lead. In this case, to a rendition of the last supper made of buttons. Thousands of them! The piece is 88” x 30 inches. Created by master button artist Norman E. Engler. His son Peter Engler helped create a web page with a dozen of other creations, including a pioneer wagon train made of 25000 buttons! Original real photo postcard “Where-Away” Home of the world’s largest button mosaics collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb. Photo of Last Supper from Button Country website: https://www.buttoncountry.com/Z%20old%20site/MosaicIndex.html

19th Century Folk Art Drawing Civil War Vet with Determination

I love amateur artists who draw their own frames. It’s like they know they deserve one. This wonderful little folk art drawing depicts what appears to be a wounded civil war vet (with a kepi cap) determined to climb a sledding hill. The 19th century drawing was found in Maine, and sure enough a tiny sign to the right indicates his destination is “sargeants 1 mile.” Turns out Maine has a Sargeants Mountain in the Arcadia National Park. He is determined AND ambitious! Bonus points here for the face on the moon, and on the left the Big Dipper! A great folk art drawing loaded with cultural content and only 4” x 6” 19th C. Pencil drawing collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Moses Ogden New York Folk Art Sculpture Outsider Art Real Photo Postcard dated 1916

A truly extraordinary Real Photo Post Card of the Moses Ogden folk art environment dated 1916. Turned up by Natalie Curley. I was hoping the indistinct writing would reveal a first person impression of his folk art environment but all I can make out is “given to (???) 1916” written along one border, and the equally indistinct caption on the photo. It seems to identify the place as “Ogden’s Curios.” The place was in Angelica, New York. I am not sure if this view has been published before. Great find! I believe the first national publication to reveal Ogden’s sculptures was, of all places, Popular Science September in 1917. Numerous books have shown examples of Ogden’s work and scholar Tom Patterson tells his story in Raw Vision magazine Spring 2023 Real Photo Postcard collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Ted the Teddy Bear Receives Repairs

We had some surgery on Ted, single family owned for over 50 years. Amateur repairs had given him a character we wanted to preserve. The empathetic and talented Montanna Winskas did the job! Highly recommend her skills! Ted c. 1965 collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb the Blog

Black History Month original snapshot photographs from the book The Birth of Rock and Roll by Jim Linderman

Untitled (anonymous) From a set of ten snapshots, c. 1950-1960 collection Jim Linderman (From the book The Birth of Rock and Roll) #blackhistorymonth #snapshot #dance #vernacularphotography.

The Election of 1936. Amateur hand drawn Broadsides from Both sides

This pair of hand drawn amateur broadsides from the 1936 election reveal political discourse is nothing new. The stakes were high then too…but fortunately Roosevelt won (and the world was saved with help from our European allies). NATO, anyone? I had to censor a shameful racial epithet (from the Republican advocate (of course) but otherwise things are about the same. Handmade political broadsides with drawings 1936. Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

Dirt Track Disaster ! George Herzog Dies on the Ho-Ho-Kus New Jersey Racetrack 1934

Two morbid crayon drawings pay a gruesome tribute to early race driver George Herzog in 1934. The Ho-Ho-Kus NJ half-mile dirt track was created for horses, not humans. Calls for the track to be closed were dismissed in 1932. Better to satisfy the daredevil culture of the young artist here. “George Herzog, 23 years old, of Matawan, N.J., one of ten finalists in the feature event of the automobile races here today, was fatally injured when his machine overturned three times. His neck was broken and he received other injuries, dying in an ambulance on the way to the Paterson General Hospital.” NYT May 30, 1934. The year before this tragic event, Mr. Herzog had been granted a patent for a new “crank shaft grinder” so he was an early gear head. The lurid, sorrowful event depicted by a pair of particularly vibrant crayon works. Kudos for the artist for seemingly inventing the phrase “Deadhead” decades before the Grateful Dead! Thanks to Natalie Curley Antiques! Anonymous crayon drawings, 1934 by Anonymous Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb the Blog #automobile. #racing #ho-ho-kus. #death. #racetrack #selftaughtartist

Handmade miniature American Flag Book Watercolor Schoolgirl Art

A page from an early handmade miniature book with watercolors of notable colonial flags. A school project by a young woman. The page here shows the controversial “Don’t tread on me” Gasden flag, most recently seen among the cretins breaking into our Capitol building. To date, 1230 of the crowd have been prosecuted, many because they were dumb enough to post selfies of themselves doing it. “The American Flag” handpainted booklet crayon, watercolor Early 20th Century. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Love During Wartime letters home with hand drawn cachets World War Two

A heartbreaking entry in the “Love during Wartime” series on the blog. A series of letter envelopes from a soldier to his love back home in 1942, each with a hand drawn cachet. Thanks and a tip of the hat To Boxlot on Facebook. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Capt. George Harvey Sea Goofs Driftwood Sculptures of Oregon Folk Art

In which we hit either a new high or a new low! “One of the famous “Sea Goofs” created by Capt. George Harvey entirely by driftwood, shells, etc. found on the ocean beaches of Oregon. The entire collection is on display at the Look-out on Cape Fowlweather, Oregon Coast.” Set of Real Photo Postcards c. 1950? Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb. #folkart. #driftwood. #sculpture. #Oregon #rppc #realphotopostcard

Antique Folk Art Bottle Whimsey of a Telegraph Tapper

A wonderful folk art bottle whimsey of a telegraph tapper! I placed a photo of an actual piece below as I don’t think many remember the telegraph. Think S.O.S. Samuel Morse tapped out his famous “What Has God Wrought” from Washington to Baltimore in 1844 and communication was never the same. Dots and Dashes predated the telephone by 40 years or so, but the little device lasted for years beyond. I imagine a solitary telegraph operator waiting for signals, and filling his time (and this inkwell bottle) out of boredom. Only two inches tall! A beautiful little folk art sculpture with considerable historical interest. Handmade bottle whimsey depicting a telegraph tapper in a bottle. Collection Jim Linderman. Circa 1850 - 1900. #folkart #whimsies #whimsy. #whimsey. #antique. #telegraph

Antique American Folk Art Sculpture Mickey Mouse Whirligig circa 1928 collection Jim Linderrman

A fantastic “abstracted” Mickey Mouse whirligig from the Steamboat Willie days! I don’t have to worry about Disney’s battery of litigious lawyers thanks to the recent copyright situation allowing us all to “own” the mouse. Mickey was supposed to enter the public domain long ago, but the “Sonny Bono copyright extension law” passed in 1998 bought them more time. Don’t blame Sonny…they just tacked his name on the bill after he tragically skied into a tree. (I love this piece) Handmade folk art “Mickey Mouse” whirligig circa 1928. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb. #dulltooldimbulb #whirligig. #folkart #folkartsculpture #mickeymouse #jimlinderman #disney

Ionel Talpazan UFO Alien drawing c. 1990 Art Brut

An early Ionel Talpazan work circa 1990. I met the artist on the street and have many pleasant memories and stories…but mostly he just wore me out. He didn’t draw too many faces…but this is a good one. Untitled 20 x 24. Private Collection. Dull Tool Dim Bulb Archives. #dulltooldimbulb #artbrut #outsiderart #ioneltalpazan #ufo #alien

The Rolling Trade Sign ! Goodyear giant Airwheel Tire on Tour in the 1930s.

A rare original snapshot of the Goodyear Airwheel, the first low pressure aviation tire. To celebrate the invention, this rolling “trade sign” was built to roll around the United States in 1930. (Back then “going viral” was the same as “hitting the road” I guess) I don’t believe any of these 12 foot monsters were put into production for use…but they COULD have been and that is the point. Goodyear’s promotional material at the time envisioned a giant tour bus for the desert bounding along on a set. Original snapshot rolling advertisement for the Airwheel circa 1930. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #tires. #tradesign. #goodyear. #snapshot. #dulltooldimbulb