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Musical Knapp Family of Michigan

Musical Knapp Family of Michigan Real Photo Postcard Collection and Juke Box Hits
More on the family HERE.  Collection Jim Linderman


Where Those Novelty Photographs Come From: GEORGE'S

Did you ever wonder where all those novelty carnival photographs of people looking silly sticking their heads through holes in a photography studio?  Here's the answer.  Georges!

Novelty Photograph in original sleeve George's "Fat Boy" Photos San Francisco, CA No Date
Collection Jim Linderman

Sleestak Halloween from Dull Tool Dim Bulb Handmade Folk Art Mask

After considerable thought, I've decided to go with Sleestak.

Handmade Sleestak Mask (Epoxy Resin,  Corduroy,  Paper Mache, Paint) circa 1975
Collection Jim Linderman

Animal Trainers At the Circus in Black and White #34 on Dull Tool Dim Bulb collection Jim Linderman

It has been a while, but here is At the Circus in Black and White number 34, the latest installment of the series here on DTDB.  Animal Trainers!  Top is Buckles Woodcock, Elephant trainer extreme.  Second is an unknown Dog Trainer.  

Others in the series are found HERE

Snapshots circa 1959 collection Jim Linderman

Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman available HERE

Radium Real Photo Postcard ! Reading by the Warmth of the Fire in Red

Not to worry, this RED real photo postcard from the early 20th century isn't glowing from radiation despite being produced by the Radium Studio in Muskegon.  Some RPPC images were printed on red paper (or on paper tinted red) to indicate warmth.  This is a perfect example, as the gent is reading by the warmth of a fire.  A discussion figuring out the process is HERE on the Post Card Collector site.

Radium Photography, an unusual name for a company, is still in business!  They were founded in 1909 and for over 100 years have been providing service to the Western Michigan area!  See their website HERE.  Imagine the number of images a century old company has produced.

Undated RPPC in red Collection Jim Linderman

Books and ebooks by Jim Linderman are shown HERE

Corn Corn Corn Natural Corn Colored Grains at the World's Only Corn Palace RPPC Folk Art collection Jim Linderman

Thinking of a few corn cobs hanging on the outside door for Halloween?  Beat This.

"Today" panel made of natural colored grains WORLD'S ONLY CORN PALACE - MITCHEL S.DAK D. Grigg Pix Co.   No Date (circa 1940?) Real Photo Postcard 
Collection Jim Linderman

Dapple Painted Honky Tonk Piano and a few Burleskers photograph collection Jim Linderman

No date, but a nice photograph of the "glory" days of burlesque.  Note folk art dapple-painted piano at left and performer slugging hooch.

Original photograph no date Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Whirligig Sawing Wood Man

Antique Folk Art Whirligig Sawing Wood Man.  A whopper...23 inches tall.  This would have been quite the sight on a windy day when intact.

Whirligig Fragment Collection Jim Linderman

A Tintype GHOST collection Jim Linderman

A tintype ghost.  "A bad Victorianish" painted backdrop has through wear become a ghastly apparition over this bloke's shoulder!  

I spent five years looking "behind the sitter" in every tintype I could find putting together my book titled "The Painted Backdrop" available in easy $5.99 ebook form, ahem, HERE.  I still can't break the habit.  Which is fine, as the backdrops are often far more interesting than the people.  In this case, particularly so.

$5.99 ebooks by Jim Linderman available HERE. 

This Is Why the Girls Leave Home (?) Heavyweight Mackenroth Brothers and B. E. Howlett

Some serious poundage from the Great Depression!  How four brothers managed to put on so much chunk when the rest of the country was struggling is beyond me, but here they are.  Look close at the upper right and you'll see they are standing in front of a bakery.  That might give us a clue.  Fat cats. 

GRILS???   That one is easy, our fat-fingered typist meant "Girls" certainly.

Why the Girls Leave Home?  Hmm.  A song title, at least twice.  Once in 1914 and again in the 1940s.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the photo.   

Books and ebooks by Jim Linderman are available HERE

Original Snapshot 1933 Anonymous, Collection Jim Linderman

Vintage Folk Art Handmade Tiger Mask (Go Tigers) Circa 1950 collection Jim Linderman

Vintage Folk Art Handmade Tiger Mask (Go Tigers) Circa 1950 collection Jim Linderman

The Detroit Tigers are in the playoffs and need my support!  The rest of the city? Well...it's a little more complicated.

True Crime Lost in Time ? Siple RELEASED? Hex Ridden Witchcraft Murder

True Crime Lost in Time ?  Siple RELEASED?  Hex Ridden Witchcraft Murder.

Well, I'm not quite sure how one makes a mistake about a faith healer killing his family, but sure enough, read the small notation scribed by someone down at the paper.  "Siple was released"


"Father seized in "Hex" Death"

"Howard Siple, 33 year old faith healer and head doctor, has been jailed at Clarksburg, W. VA, charged with the "witchcraft murder," of his 12-year old daughter, Helen, and the poisoning of six others of his nine children.  Siple migrated to Clarksburg from the Hex-Ridden farmland near York, PA.  Siple is shown above left standing beside a state policeman.  7/3/34"

Now here is a real mystery for you.  Why is Siple smiling if his family was murdered?  I can only think it was a mistake, maybe involving a bad furnace and carbon monoxide?  But even so, why is Siple SMILING?  What is a "Head" doctor?  For that matter, what is a "Hex Ridden Faith Healer?"

I looked around a little and found less.  Short of calling the town historian, I'm not quite sure how to figure this one out.  As you can see, they cops "collared" him…but the touch up guy at the newspaper actually drew in the collar.

Howard Siple Original Press Photograph 1934 Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Kicking Man Whirligig Remnant

Folk Art Man Kicks Mule. What is left of a "Man Kicks Mule" Whirligig.  Intricate mechanism inside allows the arm to be pulled down producing a firm kick in the rear.  Circa 1930?  
Collection Jim Linderman

Debt Crisis Averted! Giant Texas Dollars to Pay Off Debt

Now that Junior Senator Crazy Cruz has somehow achieved the impossible:  becoming as hated as it took fellow Republican Dick Nixon DECADES to do…the debt looms over us like never before.  Cruz is formerly best known as an advisor to George Bush (the little one) also of Texas (purportedly.) He is now widely recognized as the biggest fruity pebble in the box.  So it is appropriate Texas has offered to pay off the Chinese with the biggest bucks in history!  Five times the size of regular dollars, each "Houston Buck" is worth one million dollars, and fully backed by the bank of the memory of Sam Houston! 

With the motto "The Eyes of Texas" (are upon you) the huge currency lauds the city, but omits that the state has 25 million inhabitants without health insurance.  Not to matter!  With money like this, every one of us can afford the emergency room for even a hangnail!

BIGass Houston Dollar 1952 Premier Printing Houston  Collection Jim Linderman

Daguerre's American Legacy on Exhibit

A trip to France may not be in my cards, but then it IS fitting this landmark  exhibit is located in the town from which Louis J. M. Daguerre hails.   It will also be documented in the new book Daguerre's American Legacy: Photographic Portraits 1840-1900 as well…and it is reviewed in the newest issue of the Photogram, the Michigan Photographic Historical Society Newsletter from where these images come.  The Book, the Show and the Newsletter are all wonderful and recommended.

Wm. B. Becker is the founder of the American Museum of Photography, is a multiple Emmy winner and a collector fortunate to have started his collection 40 years ago. Co-Curated by 

Professor Francois Brunet of the University of Paris. 

Follow the links above for more information!

Subscriptions to the Photogram are available HERE.

Woman with Checkered Dress Folk Art Lawn Art

Woman with Checkered Dress Folk Art Lawn Art Collection Jim Linderman