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Quote and Credit


This Is Why the Girls Leave Home (?) Heavyweight Mackenroth Brothers and B. E. Howlett

Some serious poundage from the Great Depression!  How four brothers managed to put on so much chunk when the rest of the country was struggling is beyond me, but here they are.  Look close at the upper right and you'll see they are standing in front of a bakery.  That might give us a clue.  Fat cats. 

GRILS???   That one is easy, our fat-fingered typist meant "Girls" certainly.

Why the Girls Leave Home?  Hmm.  A song title, at least twice.  Once in 1914 and again in the 1940s.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the photo.   

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Original Snapshot 1933 Anonymous, Collection Jim Linderman


  1. "Why Girls Leave Home" is a 1904 play by Fred Summerfield. According to a review in the Sunday Oregonian of Dec 15, 1907, "The play is a dramatization by Fred Summerfield of a story dealing with the friction of domestic environment, characteristic of so many homes...The scenes are naturally drawn, avoiding melodrama, yet leaving nothing wanting to the pathos, incident to all suffering, mental or physical."

    It was parodied endlessly in the popular media up through the 60's, from Jack Benny (often) to Petticoat Junction. This is another of those tropes that were once so universal as to need no explanation, but are now virtually indecipherable.

  2. As always, thanks very, very much! I love Jack Benny so much, just to have his name on here is a pleasure.