Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Antique Folk Art Cane Carver and Whimsy Maker c. 1880

Antique Folk Art Cane Carver and Whimsy Maker Original Photograph c. 1880 Collection Jim Linderman (Gift from a friend.) 

Cowboy Artist Las Vegas Kim aka J. Edgar Kimsey Postcards from the American West

Cowboy Artist Las Vegas Kim aka J. Edgar Kimsey Postcards from the American West.

Las Vegas Kim was a real cowboy artist active in the 1930s. J. Edgar Kimsey was also the postmaster of the small town of Texon, Texas.  He was more specifically a cowboy postcard artist of sorts…and that is one with a ribald, romping nature too.  The West was his place and time.  As reflected in his work, he was a bull rider too.  The cards themselves are beautiful little relics of Texas past with an unusual primitive printing technique. The cards appear to have been tinted by hand, but aren't.  It is also nice to know Mr. Kimsey had a risqué side.  Several of the postcards here were shared by the Fire House Museum of Crowell, Texas online years ago.  There are a few mentions of Mr. Kimsey online.  One is in the book Texon: Legacy of an Oil Town. and I remember a longer, more complete post online years ago.  However, ANY search with "kim" in it is going to give you a passel of Kim from Las Vegas you probably aren't searching for.
Group of Las Vegas Kim postcards, c. 1935 - 1939.  Collection Jim Linderman and from the collection of the Fire House Museum of Crowell website.  I would love to find them all...any out there?  These are now 80 years old or more.  Any help?

Schoolgirl Construction Paper c.1920 Untitled (Creamer) by Adele Hudgens Indiana

"In the late nineteenth century, a genre of colored educational papers were marketed to teachers in school supply catalogues (Andrews 1878, Babb 1897-98). the J.L. Hammett Co. catalogue (1895) of kindergarten supplies describes a variety of colored papers, and distinguishes between those colored papers that are coated and those that are "engine colored," or colored in the vat (Hammett 1895). the advantages of these "engine" or beater-colored papers are numerous. the Hammett Co. asserts that the "colors are mixed with the pulp of the paper, in the process of manufacture, and cannot be rubbed off by moisture or otherwise..." (Hammett 1895). These papers, according to the catalogue, are equally colored on both sides and are particularly suitable for folding. Importantly, the green colorants -- unlike some which were available -- do not pose a health risk because the dyes or "stains" are arsenic-free."  Construction Paper: A Brief History by Joan Irving The Book and Paper Group Annual Volume 16 1997  American Institute for Conservation.

Adele was one of three sisters who created such projects in Indiana from 1920 to 1924 which were found together.  Collection Jim Linderman

Christmas Special. The WORST Folk art Environment EVER. New Jerusalem of Dr. Riker

Joints like this are what gave the state of California their unofficial motto "Land of Fruit and Nuts." Photographs of the Holy City of Father Riker circa 1941. The false utopia was established in 1919 by Father Riker, palm reader and white supremacist Christian.  The worst kind of Christian.  Residents had peculiar sexual rights as well, it seems.  That is, NO rights, as the sexes were segregated. God told him to build the commune into a roadside attraction and to use his cult followers for the tourist labor.  Soon there was a cult-operated gas station, a dance hall and peep show machines.  In 1929 Riker began spreading his gospel by radio station KFQU.  They had their own post office, I presume to send and receive hate mail.

Super racist, the cult allowed no one in who didn't look like them.   A large billboard on your arrival read "HOLY CITY IS A WHITE MAN'S TOWN!  NEGROES AND ORIENTALS KEEP OUT OF HOLY CITY."

Here is a brief quote from Father Riker from his book The Emancipator.    

"The White Man can take care of any and all kinds of business in our own, White Man's California State Home, and no longer will the White Man tolerate your undermining and polluting tactics. Farmers, Business Men and The Workers say: Orientals get out and stay out of our business. Our new Government will see that you get a job. Your polluting, undermining system of business must eternally stop in Our California. And besides this, keep your polluting hands off our White Race Women; they also belong only to the White Race Man. This is the true law of our original White Man's Constitution, these statements explain the real and true spirit of California."

See?  Nut Job and Fruity Pebble.  Father Riker ran for Governor of California four times but thankfully received only 1% of the vote each time.  That would be about the same percentage some of the current "religious right" politicians would get.  NOT…there is a good number of politicians today who seem to think separation of church and state is an obsolete concept.

IN 2016 what remained was purchased by wealthy Scientology couple Bob and Trish Duggan.  They bought the parcel of land where Holy Land stood (and rusted away).  192 Acres!  While the couple is worth BILLIONS (at one time Duggan was the 638th richest man in the world) they paid only 6 million dollars for the big plot near Los Gatos, California.

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Vintage Traveling Photographer on CB Radio RIsque Pinup Business Card

Vintage Traveling Photographer on CB Radio RIsque Pinup Business Card! It appears Mr. Stoneburner fancied himself the "go-to" for emergency pinup needs, at least on his QSL card. I aim no arrows, but here is what Wikipedia has to say about these cards.

"CB radio enthusiasts often exchanged colorful QSL cards, especially during the height of CB's popularity in the 1970s. CB radio operators who met while on the air would typically swap personalized QSL cards which featured their names ("handles") and CB callsigns. Originally, CB required a purchased license and the use of a callsign; however, when the CB craze was at its peak many people ignored this requirement and invented their own "handles".  

I am not suggesting the Sonny was doing anything more than pursuing a healthy hobby, of course.

QSL card circa 1975 Collection Jim Linderman 

A Genuine Dog and Pony show

Genuine Dog and Pony show! On reverse: Willie J. Bernard, Manager.  Bernard's Freak Animal Fair Canaan, NH. No date, circa 1930?  Collection Jim Linderman

Mimeographed Amateur Pornography from 1950s Mexico 7 Zephyrs Press

7 Zephyrs Press was a primitive smut publisher working just over the border in Juarez and Tijuana, Mexico.  By 1955, the modest business had published well over 200 individually numbered titles.  Each had primitive drawings to illustrate the deviant goings on.  Real collectors items.  The company also ran a lending library!  Not a collector?  Buy one, read it and return for another.  Each title seems to have been "cranked out" in editions of 100 or so.  Historians are aware that technological inventions are first used to spread erotic content...in this case, the mimeograph machine.     

Assorted editions of 7 Zephyrs Press erotic novels.  Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Vernacular Architecture Noah's Ark in the Desert

Vernacular Architecture  Noah's Ark in the Desert.  Noah's Ark with label.  No date.  Collection Jim Linderman

19th Century School Craft Show

Craft Day at the local public school.  Circa 1920?  Pair of 8 x 10 original photographs collection Jim Linderman

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The Folk Art Concrete Water Jug of S.P. Dinsmoor Garden of Eden

Anyone who has studied American Folk / Outsider art environments is familiar with Steven Dinsmoor and his Garden of Eden.  This appears to be a less common period image. Apparently, Dinsmoor kept this handmade object at the foot of the concrete coffin he made...in case he had to grab some water. That is if he was going down instead of up.  It's hot down there.  See HERE and elsewhere for more pictures.  Let me know if you find a picture of the jug in place?  You might also enjoy the book / ebook In Situ: American Folk Art in Place by Jim Lindeman.  Available for purchase HERE on Blurb.  
Real Photo Postcard c. 1920 Collection Jim Linderman

Gay Aquatic Review and Mike Duffy Miniature Sideshow Carnival At the Circus in Black and White

I've done thirty or more "at the circus in black and white" posts here over the years, but this one is most curious.  The snapshot appears to show a MINIATURE circus.  Small period signs announce the performers.  A tiny "Cotton Club" stage and show.  The snapshot reverse reads "Mike Duffy and nephew on horse.  Carnival Midway front and background".  No date, but 1930 to 1950 I presume.  I have no idea what the "Gay Aquatic Revue" is.  

Original snapshot photograph of miniature Duffy Circus Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb 

WW2 Folk Art "Winged Angel" Trench Art drawn on a Pillowcase Love during Wartime

World War Two Folk Art "Winged Angel" Trench Art drawn on a Pillowcase.  Northeastern United States c. 1945.  Framed behind plexiglass with screws.  Collection Jim Linderman.  Courtesy Natalie Curley Antiques. "Love during Wartime" is a continuing series on Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

Vintage Handmade Child's Miniature Cook Book Drawn by Hand Folk Art

A Vintage Handmade Child's Miniature Cook Book Drawn by Hand.  4" x 6" with hand written recipes and some clipped from magazines of the time.  Circa 1940 - 1945.  Drawings and instructions by Carol Birkett with help from her friend Patty.  22 pages.  Collection Jim Linderman

Vernacular photograph of an Anonymous Folk Art Carver

Vernacular photograph of an Anonymous Folk Art Carver. This photograph is not signed and has no identification of the maker. Looks to be fine work. I'm showing a detail, but there isn't much information cropped. This backyard rocker (rain or shine?) should have the work seen. In the folk art world, an artist often becomes recognized decades later in photos.  Scanned images online often work as well as printed ones in newspapers, but if any of the following here knows the work? He was working when JFK was facing down a Ruskie, it appears.

Backyard photograph of an anonymous folk art carver, no location, circa 1965?
Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb / Jim Linderman