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Quote and Credit


Justin McCarthy American Artist early drawing Skinanboan's. Collection Jim Linderman

Justin McCarthy 1891 - 1977 McCarthy’s works in a serial format were created not long after his release from Rittersville State Home for the Insane 1920’s and into the 1930s.The commercial use of the speech balloon was still fairly new at the time. US Newspaper cartoonists began telling stories in the form around 1919.Justin McCarthy at the time was attempting to sell patent drugs and remedies without much success. The patter of a marketer is satirized in this early piece. He would also draw humorous groups of small works and assemble them on pasteboard and showcard during the decade. This drawing is a good example of the artist’s humor and draftsmanship…often the protagonist resembles the artist somewhat. Untitled (Skinanboan’s Caster Oil Pills) c. 1930. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #outsiderart. #folkart. #artbrut. #JustinMcCarthy

A Vintage Mechanical Gag Postcard of a Cow and a Drawn by Hand copy! Both Mailed.

A pair of “mechanical” postcards, one printed and the other a bootleg! The gag is to pull down a strip of paper revealing the udders. Both of these were mailed, one in 1907 and the other in 1908. It didn’t take long for someone to steal the idea. A great example of an industrious copycat. Hand drawn example courtesy a friend. Pair of original postcards circa 1907-1908. one handmade. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb the blog. #postcard. #novelty. #cow. #dulltooldimbulb

Lauren Leja Storywear at the Elusie Gallery in Easthampton, MA

Artist Lauren Leja expands the concept of the book and writing. Her incessant coating of objects with hand-written text is less about obsession than hard work and persistence. The result addresses concepts of context, story and object. I like it. For this show, sculptural objects are transformed with the written words of an institutionalized man to his brother. The work will be showing at the Elusie Gallery in East Hampton, MA with an opening April 11, 2024.