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Quote and Credit


Vintage Marvel Comic Book Covers recreated by an Anonymous Artist. Avengers Number One and Tales of Suspense Number 39

An ardent fan hand draws two legendary Marvel comic book covers! Shown here are The Avengers issue one 1963 and Tales of Suspense number 39. Faithful but quirky! These were purchased at an auction in the 1970s and saved for nearly 50 years. Shown here with the now pricy original covers. This enthusiasm for the early Marvel characters certainly led to the billion dollar empire today. Pair of amateur comic book covers, anonymous. Circa 1965 - 1970. Each 6" x 9" Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Art of the Homemade Flip Book

Three primitive "flip book" drawings unstapled for your pleasure. Anonymous, circa 1960. The unknown cartoonist created these 4 page sequential gag cartoons to show motion. Well, he tried. Anonymous homemade flip books, c. 1960 Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb