Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit



Big Tony original drawing by "TM" (see trunks) circa 1945  Collection Jim Linderman

Superman Lois Lane Clark Kent circa 1950 Schoolgirl Drawing

Superman Lois Lane Clark Kent circa 1950 Schoolgirl Drawing by Audrey K. 
Collection Jim Linderman

Sales Stimulator Sculpture for PC-7 Expoxy "co-branded" with A-Treat Soda

Mid-20th century Salesman Stimulator for hardware stores circa 1955.  "Just TRY to remove them…"

PC-7 was (and IS) an epoxy mix that forms a bond which lasts!  Affixed here is a golf ball, several pieces of plywood, a rubber stopper, a metal hook and a ceramic tile.  All bond to a bottle of A-Treat soda bottle from Allentown, PA.  Guess what?  A-Treat is still being made too!  They will celebrate their 100th Anniversary of  thirst slaking in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania in a year or two.  I hate to sully their reputation, but Wikipedia already has!  In 1991, the company was the subject of regional news coverage when a smear campaign was launched against A-Treat as it tried to sell its sodas  in NY. The campaign, which targeted African-Americans, claimed certain brands of carbonated beverages — including those produced by A-Treat — were actually manufactured by the Ku Klux Klan and contained stimulants that would "sterilize the black man".  What????????  That's crazy…I guess the bottom end of the soft drink market is brutal.

As for PC-7, the bonding material which appropriated (or co-branded?) A-Treat Bottles, they were founded in 1954 and the goop still works. This survivor of the retail hardware industry proves it still does, even after more than 50 years.

PC-7 Epoxy Sales Stimulator circa 1955 Collection Jim Linderman

How to Draw Girls Jefferson Machamer Original Drawing

                                              Untitled (How to Draw Girls) Circa 1946 collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A funny and talented man, Jefferson Machamer was that rare comic artist who was not only a fine draftsman...he was successful out of the basement! THIS close to be recognized as a REAL artist, he was also a joke writer in Hollywood WAY back, and he authored the strips "Petting Patty" and "Hollywood Husband" during his illustration career. He also worked as a writer on the films "Cute Crime" "Fun's Fun" "Gags and Gals" and the immortal  "Koo Koo Korrespondance Skool" in which he played himself...thus satisfying the rigorous "clever use of alliteration" important for all comics.  Born 1901 in NYC, he ended up in Hollywood where he passed away in 1960, so the work here should be counted among his last. His most important contribution, other than the slightly perturbed dames like these he "tossed off" (but always took time to pattern their dresses) is his book "Drawing The Female Figure" which shows his generous side...he made it easy for thousands of young kids to learn how to earn at their craft.  One page is shown here. A master!  Bonus points for his marriage to a hot Hollywood actress who starred in 25 Hollywood B flicks
Original Drawing (Top) Collection Jim Linderman

Talking Scarecrow vintage press photograph 1931

"HEY..Get outta there!"

Genius inventor and ephemeral folk art figure creator comes up with the talking scarecrow.  Imagine one planted every acre instead of pesticides.

Original Press Photograph 1931 Acme New Pictures Collection Jim Linderman