Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Boy Scout Vintage Folk Art Sculpture Pharrell Williams and Baden Powell

By all accounts, bright star of the year is Pharrell, and his recent performance on the Grammy show with NILE RODGERS, praise be to him...was a sensation.  Pharrell is a genius and I am glad to be sharing time and space with him.  He appears to be, literally, one of those performers we are lucky to have while we are here.    But while his hat is from Vivienne Westwood, I think Robert Baden Powell created it.
Original Relief Carved Boy Scout Folk Art Carving Collection Jim Linderman

Boyscout Photo from Wikipedia
Pharrell Photo Red Bubble HERE

1957 Dancers Original Snapshot Collection Jim Linderman

1957 Dancers  Original Snapshot Collection Jim Linderman

The Turtle My Father Made

My father made this turtle as a boy.  I don't need to say anything else.

Bug-a-Boo What is a Bugaboo? And WHO is the Most Famous Woman in the World?

Bug-a-Boo was a term first used in 1598.  It was originally, I guess, an imaginary something which causes great fear.  A ghost, poltergeist, bogeyman…a spirit.  Most famously, it was the pre-Beyonce song by her group Destiny's Child in 1999.  She was great then too.  Incredible great, actually.  Already a Star, but not yet Stratospheric.  She would be.  I believe, actually, that Beyonce is today the most famous woman in the world.  

Forbes puts her just below that creep Meg Whitman (who helped invent eBay then helped ruin it) on their list of "Most Powerful Women" for some absurd, scary reason which makes no sense, but it isn't a fame list.  Ask someone in the rest of the world who Meg Whitman is, and then ask them who Beyonce Knowles Jay-Zee is.   I guarantee you will get A. puzzled looks.  B. EVERY SINGLE HAND raised.  For some ill-informed reason, the New York Times, "paper of record" once said Meg Whitman had a good chance of one day being the first woman president.  Shudder.  At least THAT notion has evaporated, along with her reputation, if not her billions.  I'll wait for the Times retraction.  Beyonce, on the other hand, had earned her billions.  Here she is, below, her destiny awaiting her in 1999.
I found the lyrics to Bugaboo on one of those sites which freeze your computer, so don't bother.  In the song, Beyonce breaks her lease to get away from her bugaboo.  They sample TOTO of all things.  The Merriam-Webster, hoping to get into the social-sharing data collection game, I guess, now asks "What made you want to look up Bugaboo?  Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).  Here are a few of them.  Sure enough, the song sent some searching, but you'll see also stories of Dr. Phil, the graft policy of Nigeria, and one plaintive comment query "my co-worker told me it was a racial slur." 

I appreciate that the young woman above took the time to look it up.  She has my vote.  The little lapel pin sent ME on my search, but I didn't take the time to let the cyber-dictionary know. 

If it is a slur, it would be yet more bad news for the makers of the Bugaboo baby stroller, which was once recalled by the Consumer Product Safety folks because it spilled your baby on the concrete. 
Enjoy Destiny's Child.  Don't be scared.


A Curious Snapshot from 1931

A Curious Snapshot from 1931  Early Roadside Attraction?  
Anonymous collection Jim Linderman

Perry's Nut House

At one time, there were "over a hundred other interesting exhibits to see" and they still have them.

Wooden Man in Coffin Erotic Folk Art Sculpture Carving

Folk Art Carving of a Man in Sliding Lid Coffin with a surprisingly large  (Choose from Following:)
  1. ankle spanker
  2. baby-arm
  3. beaver basher
  4. bed snake
  5. best friend
  6. blue-vein sausage
  7. penis sangbo nam rod
  8. baby-maker
  9. bell on a pole
  10. beef whistle
  11. boomstick
  12. burrito
  13. bishop
  14. bratwurst
  15. braciole
  16. candle
  17. captain
  18. choad
  19. chopper
  20. cock
  21. cranny axe
  22. cum gun
  23. custard launcher
  24. dagger
  25. deep-V diver
  26. dick
  27. dickie
  28. ding dong mcdork
  29. dingus
  30. disco stick
  31. dog head
  32. drum stick
  33. dong
  34. donger
  35. dork
  36. dude piston
  37. dragon
  38. eggroll
  39. Easy Rider
  40. Excalibur
  41. fang
  42. ferret
  43. flesh flute
  44. flesh tower
  45. foto
  46. fire hose
  47. fuck rod
  48. fuck stick
  49. fudge sickle
  50. fun stick
  51. groin ferret
  52. giggle stick
  53. goofy goober
  54. hairy hotdog
  55. heat-seeking moisture missile
  56. helmet head
  57. hose
  58. hog
  59. jackhammer
  60. Jimmy
  61. John
  62. Johnson
  63. John Thomas (dated)
  64. joystick
  65. kickstand
  66. king sebastian
  67. knob
  68. krull the warrior king
  69. lap rocket
  70. leaky hose
  71. lingam
  72. little Alex
  73. little Bob
  74. little Elvis
  75. lizard (as in "drain the...")
  76. longfellow
  77. love muscle
  78. love rod
  79. love stick
  80. love whistle
  81. luigi
  82. manhood
  83. man umbrella
  84. meat popsicle
  85. meat stick
  86. meat sword
  87. meat injection
  88. member
  89. meter long king kong dong
  90. microphone
  91. middle stump
  92. mushroom head
  93. mutton
  94. netherrod
  95. old boy
  96. old fellow
  97. old man
  98. one-eyed anaconda
  99. one-eyed trouser-snake (Australia, UK)
  100. one-eyed monster
  101. one-eyed wonder weasel
  102. one-eyed yogurt slinger
  103. pecker
  104. Pedro
  105. peepee (children's term)
  106. Percy
  107. peter
  108. Pied Piper
  109. Pig skin bus
  110. pink oboe
  111. pink torpedo
  112. piss weasle
  113. piston
  114. plug
  115. pnor
  116. poinswatter
  117. pork sword
  118. prick
  119. princess sophia
  120. private eye
  121. private part
  122. purple-helmeted warrior of love
  123. purple-headed yogurt flinger
  124. quiver bone
  125. rod
  126. rod of pleasure
  127. roundhead
  128. sausage
  129. sebastianic sword
  130. schlong
  131. schlong dongadoodle
  132. schmuck, shmuck (Yiddish)
  133. schnitzel
  134. schwanz
  135. schwarz
  136. sea monster (as in "drain the...")
  137. shaft
  138. short arm
  139. skin flute
  140. soldier
  141. spawn hammer
  142. stick shift
  143. sub
  144. surfboard
  145. Tallywhacker
  146. Tan Bannana
  147. tassle
  148. third leg
  149. thumper
  150. thunderbird 3
  151. thundersword
  152. tinker
  153. todger (Australia, UK)
  154. tonk
  155. tool
  156. trouser snake
  157. tubesteak
  158. twig (& berries)
  159. twinkie
  160. uncle dick
  161. vein
  162. wand
  163. wang
  164. wang doodle
  165. wanger
  166. wedding tackle
  167. wee wee
  168. whoopie stick
  169. wiener
  170. Wiener Schnitzel
  171. wick
  172. willy (children's term)
  173. wing dang doodle
  174. winkie (children's term)
  175. yingyang
  176. yogurt gun
  177. diddle 
  178. Thing 
  179. To Be Continued by Future Generations...
Books and $5.99 Ebooks by the Author available HERE

Daniel Rose Folk Art in Bottles Master Whimsey carvings in Bottles Folk Art Sculpture

Daniel Rose Folk Art in Bottles Master  Whimsey Folk Art Sculpture. 

What is known about Whimsey in a Bottle carver Daniel Rose comes from "Genius in a Bottle" by Susan D. Jones, or at least the website devoted to same.  The book is sold out, but the extensive website provides all you would want to know about Ships in a Bottle, Whimseys, you name it.  Fantastic research, and deserving your attention.

I do not know if the book contains these images I was fortunate to acquire, but they are wonderful.

As you can see, Mr. Rose created his amazing carved constructions in miniature while handicapped…through considerable persistence.  Folk Art in Bottles contains a picture of one of his bottles HERE.  He signed his work, so you can all pick up your bottles and see if there is anything written on the base. 

Mr. Rose lived in Johnstown, PA, born 1871.  He passed away in an automobile accident at the age of 51.  He apparently created some 120 works of art in bottles.  Recognized for his work during his lifetime by an article in the Christian Science Monitor, I hope these real photo postcards produced during his lifetime will bring him more recognition.

Pair of Daniel rose Real Photo Postcards circa 1910.  Collection Jim Linderman