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Daniel Rose Folk Art in Bottles Master Whimsey carvings in Bottles Folk Art Sculpture

Daniel Rose Folk Art in Bottles Master  Whimsey Folk Art Sculpture. 

What is known about Whimsey in a Bottle carver Daniel Rose comes from "Genius in a Bottle" by Susan D. Jones, or at least the website devoted to same.  The book is sold out, but the extensive website provides all you would want to know about Ships in a Bottle, Whimseys, you name it.  Fantastic research, and deserving your attention.

I do not know if the book contains these images I was fortunate to acquire, but they are wonderful.

As you can see, Mr. Rose created his amazing carved constructions in miniature while handicapped…through considerable persistence.  Folk Art in Bottles contains a picture of one of his bottles HERE.  He signed his work, so you can all pick up your bottles and see if there is anything written on the base. 

Mr. Rose lived in Johnstown, PA, born 1871.  He passed away in an automobile accident at the age of 51.  He apparently created some 120 works of art in bottles.  Recognized for his work during his lifetime by an article in the Christian Science Monitor, I hope these real photo postcards produced during his lifetime will bring him more recognition.

Pair of Daniel rose Real Photo Postcards circa 1910.  Collection Jim Linderman

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