Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Apocalyptic Worship of the Antichrist Photograph of an Unknown Painting

Apocalyptic Worship of the Antichrist Photograph of an Unknown Painting.  This is an original photograph circa 1920 (?) of a work I haven't identified.  We'll have to rely on the frightening notes from the reverse.  Tribulation Worship of the Antichrist, Rider of the white horse also dark horse of the famine, gray horse of Death, the lambs book of life.  Is your name written there? 

Original photograph, no date collection Jim Linderman

Pin Up Vending Machine Smut Ring Smashed! Meet the Press 1959

Chicago citizens will sleep better knowing the pin-up peep shows have been unplugged by Chief Investigator Paul Newey. Since there was no other crime in Chicago on this day in 1959, Chief Paul invited the press over to see his collection of confiscated coin-op smut. Paul's pursuit of the peep shows was crime-bustin' action of the highest order.

Original Press Photograph (8" x 13") with original corresponding published headline. Unknown Chicago Paper 1959 Collection Jim Linderman

How to have a Office Romance on Zoom

How to have a Office Romance on Zoom.  "Eye Flirtations" from All About Girls: Joke Pictures, Stories (no date) circa 1920. 

Antique American Folk Art Drawings by Mantie L. Throckmorton 1925

Two drawings by one Mantie L. Throckmorton 1925. Oil Derrick and a Bicycle which would be pretty hard to build...but what a beauty.  From a large sketchbook started around the same time the artist began taking lessons.  Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Lake Tamarack Jigsaw Heaven Folk Art

Anonymous snapshot of Jigsaw yard art, New Jersey.  No Date (circa 1950?) 
Collection Jim Linderman

Primitive "Sailor" Whirligig Folk Art

Primitive "Sailor" Whirligig Folk Art with replaced paddles? Circa 1950.
Collection Jim Linderman