Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Back to School Boys

Sketch of the school hierarchy by George Foster circa 1925 collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb courtesy Natalie Curley

Vintage Folk Art Handmade Fabric Activity Book c. 1960

A Vintage Folk Art Handmade Fabric Activity Book c. 1960.  Each cloth page provides learning tools for a young child.  Button which button, a working zipper (with "cowboys and indians" era figure in a teepee) and other dexterity tools.  Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Foam Rubber Doll Nude Woman / Teaching Tool / Display circa 1930 - 1940

Circa 1930 Foam Rubber Doll with considerable age.  Stand appears to be original, the wire has created a "tan line" on the woman's back.  I believe this is a latex foam figure.  VERY soft to the touch.  Whipped latex was introduced in 1929.  Relative explicitness suggests this was some type of display device (educational purposes?) rather than a doll.  Any guesses?

Antique Female Form of rubber, circa 1935 - 1940  Height 12 inches.  Collection Jim Linderman

Love During Wartime Nookey Ration Card

"Tear off a piece" ration card 1943.  Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb
Love During Wartime appears in periodic posts on the blog