Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Original Carnival Photographs by Larry Epstein

What we have is a group of interesting carnival and sideshow photographs taken by Larry Epstein (Laurence David Epstein) likely of Philadelphia. Not too much about the photographer, alas...who was active in the Philadelphia area in the 1960s. Know more about the artist? Add a comment. Thanks! Lot of Carvival and sideshow photographs c. 1965. Collection Jim Linderman Thanks to BOXLot of Facebook

Anderson Johnson Preacher, Artist, Performer. Henry Stone records and Vernon Carter writes a Book

I'm pleased to have learned the website of Legendary Independent Music Producer Henry Stone from Florida is using my photo of the Reverend Anderson Johnson. Stone ruled Florida dance and soul music for decades. He is also the person who recorded Johnson in the 1950s! It is good to have Johnson's early busking days and gospel recording career finally connected to his art producing years. A great story now apparently published in two books. The Henry Stone connected project is HERE and another book on the artist is HERE along with work at the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center HERE. LOTS of pictures.