Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


The Folk Art Concrete Water Jug of S.P. Dinsmoor Garden of Eden

Anyone who has studied American Folk / Outsider art environments is familiar with Steven Dinsmoor and his Garden of Eden.  This appears to be a less common period image. Apparently, Dinsmoor kept this handmade object at the foot of the concrete coffin he made...in case he had to grab some water. That is if he was going down instead of up.  It's hot down there.  See HERE and elsewhere for more pictures.  Let me know if you find a picture of the jug in place?  You might also enjoy the book / ebook In Situ: American Folk Art in Place by Jim Lindeman.  Available for purchase HERE on Blurb.  
Real Photo Postcard c. 1920 Collection Jim Linderman

Gay Aquatic Review and Mike Duffy Miniature Sideshow Carnival At the Circus in Black and White

I've done thirty or more "at the circus in black and white" posts here over the years, but this one is most curious.  The snapshot appears to show a MINIATURE circus.  Small period signs announce the performers.  A tiny "Cotton Club" stage and show.  The snapshot reverse reads "Mike Duffy and nephew on horse.  Carnival Midway front and background".  No date, but 1930 to 1950 I presume.  I have no idea what the "Gay Aquatic Revue" is.  

Original snapshot photograph of miniature Duffy Circus Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb 

WW2 Folk Art "Winged Angel" Trench Art drawn on a Pillowcase Love during Wartime

World War Two Folk Art "Winged Angel" Trench Art drawn on a Pillowcase.  Northeastern United States c. 1945.  Framed behind plexiglass with screws.  Collection Jim Linderman.  Courtesy Natalie Curley Antiques. "Love during Wartime" is a continuing series on Dull Tool Dim Bulb.