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Quote and Credit


A Tribute to Betty Fox The Most Amazing Performer in History and the Plaintive Comment Board


Browsing around to find some background about this photograph, I came across a plaintive and heart-wrenching comment on "Behind the Curtain" the wonderful photographic blog of the State Journal Register, the oldest Newspaper in Illinois. The comment comes from the daughter of the woman shown above. I am leaving the name off the comment to protect her privacy in what must be a difficult time. The comment is dated February 20, 2011.

"This is my mother and she is the most wonderful woman I know!! She is 93 and on her last days of life what a blessing she is!"

I own many photographs but several of my favorites turn out to be photographs of Betty Fox.
I treasure the second here particularly as I found it among the possessions of my late father, who likely took it himself. As you can see, he was impressed by Betty as well. He took several, I would have too...and I posted some of them earlier HERE, they are among the most beautiful photos you can imagine. I am afraid this wasn't due to my father's skill, it was due to Betty and Benny.

God Speed to the wondrous woman named Betty Fox. Many have entertained others, but few with such daring, grace and form. With all the offensive, slimy, divisive (and frequently, Rush Limbaugh inspired) crud clogging "comment" boards today, it is a splendid thing indeed to see such a heartfelt, honest and pleasing contribution from someone who actually has something to say. It made my day.

I don't want to turn my tribute into a screed against "entertainer" Limbaugh, but that fat clown could not begin to touch the toes of this splendid, striking and amazing woman, much less his own.

Thank you Betty Fox for entertaining and astounding so many good people over the years, including my family.

Original Press Photo and clipping, 1968 Collection Jim Linderman
Betty Fox Snapshot, circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman
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Swizzle Stick Fo Shizzle ma Nizzle Swizzle! Deadly Plastic Pokers

A fine collection of Swizzle Sticks. Now they look harmless, but are FAR from it, as you can see from the abstracted medical journal expose following. Booze and a Broken Stem equals Blindness and a punctured bowel or something.

Group of priceless swizzle sticks collection Jim Linderman

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Found Poetry from the Mom and Pop Culture Shop

The Mom and Pop Culture Shop is top of the heap. Not only are the vintage clothes in colors trippy (and for sale!) They post astounding letters like the one above from a prisoner to a model. Now THIS is good writing! They call it "found poetry" but I call it ART. (Sorta) Also see their wonderful collection of wacky outsider art!

The Mom and Pop Culture Shop is HERE The Letter (I Don't Got A) is HERE
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World's Largest Camera Redux! One Monster Lens and Big Bellows

A 1923 Newspaper Morgue Photograph of Linsenmeyer's big one...a three and one half ton camera. Hold on to your hat when the bellows moves!

See my previous post HERE for some other giant photographic constructions.

Original Press service photograph 1923 Collection Jim Linderman

New Series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE SLEAZE Comic Artists and Cartoonists

Are contemporary artists and cartoonists influenced by vintage sleaze? Of course they are! Contemporary artists and cartoonists are influenced by everything! And as long as one person is attracted to (or repelled by) another, there will be situations requiring a piece of work or a gag. In this spirit, Vintage Sleaze (Brother and Sister blog to this site) is proud to announce a new series: CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE SLEAZE

Select artists of TODAY influenced by pinup and risque gag artists of the past are celebrated here with a unique work they have created especially for Vintage Sleaze the Blog! A showcase for (and a tribute to) talented artists who draw today.
(Who may just draw upon the drawings of past Sleazy Cheesecake Pinup Masters) PLEASE also take the time to follow links to the individual artist sites! Not only will you see some outstanding work, you might be compelled to purchase, commission or follow the artist. Each and every site is a delight.

Submissions are welcome but we can not post everything. If you draw and enjoy Vintage Sleaze please participate!

We begin the series with the work of Lena H. Chandhok. Other notables are participating including Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Paul Swartz and many others. The series will run weekly on Vintage Sleaze. Make sure to follow and share!


AVOID QUACK NOSTRUMS Book Review from the Past

A Book Review from the Past and a Web site review from the Present!

One of the most amazing books (make that a series of books) ever is the astounding Household Physician published originally in 1905 with copyright in England by F. S. Woodruff, the book was republished ten years later in the United States, and again in 1923 by J.A. Brown. If you have the slightest interest in medical Illustration, homeopathic medicine, folk medicine or even art, this is an amazing source and SITE...the entire volumes are available online HERE.

A compendium unmatched! The site is sponsored by J. Crow's, a source of herbal medicinals, folk medicines and such.

The claim is made within the preface that "No one who reads this book thoroughly will be often imposed upon thereafter by quack nostrums..." I'm not sure about you, but I have had my fill of quack nostrums, and thus recommend this book.

Now I am not sure I would start here rather then, say, WebMD if I had a medical emergency... but if the bleeding has subsided and the poison has been purged, this makes for an entertaining afternoon. In many cases, the Household Physician is spot on...other times? Eh. Let's just say medicine has progressed a bit since the late 19th century, and bar Republican efforts, it will continue. Speaking of Republican efforts...how come they aren't suing because we are forced to buy AUTO insurance? Isn't that "unconstitutional" too? I'm just asking.

The illustrations are, as you can see. simply extraordinary and I suspect hold up to modern medicine better than the text. No artist is credited in the book, which contains 500 line drawings in addition to the remarkable color plates above (tipped in as a folded group) allowing all to play "invisible man" and marvel. All manner of pompous physicians are credited, but the artists? Not a thing. I loaded "Man" here in reverse so you can put him back together!
Anyway, the illustrations and hundreds more are available online HERE.

Have fun...but talk to your doctor first!
Numerous copies of the chunky bigassed multi- volume set are available from used book dealers. If you purchase one or all, make sure the inserted color plates have not been torn out. Especially in the Veterinary volume, as the cow is great!
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Dull Tool Dim Bulb Arboretum West Michigan Dune Environment

Sandy, quick draining soil, Lakeshore winds, Dune environment Collection of pressed native plant and tree species 1992 Collection Jim Linderman

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Two Million Dollars of Folk Art Cigar Store Indians Trade Store Figures Real Photo Postcard (And a Favorite Photograph)

The June 8, 2010 auction at Heritage Auction Galleries which set a record for a Cigar Store Indian (over $200,000 for the splendid figure here) may mean what you are seeing above is a few million dollars worth of wood. A Real Photo Postcard, circa 1940, of a most extraordinary collection of carved trade store figures. Quite a group. The piece sold above had exceptional original paint, and often these figures have had repaints over the years. The last photograph, a particular favorite of mine, shows my father and a friend, circa 1935, likely in upstate New York.
Anonymous Real Photo Postcard (Group of Carved Trade Figures and Cigar Store Indians) circa 1940 Kodak "EKC" logo on reverse Collection Jim Linderman


Fashion Week ALREADY? What to WEAR? An Easy Solution

Create myspace graphic with Gickr

Yes, once again the seen make the scene..it's fashion week! My helicopter is waiting... Fashion for me consists pretty much of a few episodes of Heidi's show and a glance through the New York Times Magazine Section a few times a year.

But I like pamphlets...and I made an animated cure for the fashion blues from one in the file. The idea is to create a dozen looks from one suitcase.


Original "Flip Book" Vacation Dress-O-Graph Published by Shell Oil Company (Yes...you read that right) "The Well-Planned Travel Wardrobe" 1957 Collection Jim Linderman

Pauline's First Valentine

Roll and Tumble with Wittich Book Review from the Past

Exercise on the Apparatus Tumbling and Stunts by W. J. Wittich Book Review from the Past by Jim Linderman

W. J. Wittich and H. C. Reuter created an amazing book in 1925, which to my reckoning will go out of copyright in two years, so I thought I would jump the gun here a bit and wake up the publisher. As the few pieces of junk mail I receive frequently say "Time to Renew!"

Each photograph looks like a David Byrne video. The images, which I find striking and quite beautiful, are not even credited in the book. They appear to be a mixture of time-lapse and beautiful group shots. It is most unusual for a "technical" manual such as this to have no line drawings at all, but we are fortunate...

Now you may be wondering exactly what this book is. Most of us and unfortunately most of our children won't recognize the action, but some will...this is an early gymnastics and body movement guide prepared with extraordinary care and skill. It was also prepared with a wonderful love of the human form. Appreciate the excerpt here from the introduction:

"Swinging and climbing sensations are still the most pleasant elements of the physical life of man. Let us not forget that the physical activities which we today call play and recreation are the activities which our forefathers for hundreds and thousands of years indulged in every day, and all the time, in their struggle for existence while they went through the periods of the savage life, the nomad, the primitive agriculturist, and the tribal life. Our children today enjoy better than to climb up into trees, onto sheds, and roofs; the higher they go the better they like the experience, much to the dismay of the overanxious mothers."

There are 50 photographs, all splendid. The activites sound as good as they look:
Forearm-support Circle, Reading Newspaper. Lazy Man's Circle, Double Hip Circle, Development of the Kipp, Acrobatic Hand-Shake and Elephant-Walk.

No, I have not been in a gym class for a while, and since my marathon running days are behind me now, I appreciate agility and fitness more than ever. These examples make me hurt in a different way...Now it just hurts that I can't do them!

The Book is 110 pages, and while WELL out of print, I am sure used copies are around. MIne was Five bucks and was once owned by a fellow in Texas, but it came back to Michigan and I found it this weekend.

W. J. Wittich, from La Crosse, Wisconsin must have been quite a guy. 15 years after producing his book, he created the "Wartime First Aid Wheel" as it is called in the splendid book by Jessica Helfand titled "Reinventing the Wheel" a wonderful design book listed at right somewhere. Wittich's Wheel appears on page 85. It was an 8 inch disc packaged in a sleeve.

In addition to serving on the faculty of Teachers College, La Crosse, Wisconsin Mr. Wittich was an advisor to the American Red Cross and was also a painter. I'd love to have more information on both the technique of photography and Mr. Wittich himself, but all I have is the book. Which is great, and if it were used a bit more, I suspect our kids would appreciate moving like they did again when his book came out.

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Photo Autograph Teeny Tiny Tintype Calling Cards

With tintype photographs no larger than a penny held in place with stickers from the Sunbeam Gallery in Rochester, NY. A gentility of the past.

Pair of Photo Autograph calling cards, Circa 1880 Collection Jim Linderman

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