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A Tribute to Betty Fox The Most Amazing Performer in History and the Plaintive Comment Board


Browsing around to find some background about this photograph, I came across a plaintive and heart-wrenching comment on "Behind the Curtain" the wonderful photographic blog of the State Journal Register, the oldest Newspaper in Illinois. The comment comes from the daughter of the woman shown above. I am leaving the name off the comment to protect her privacy in what must be a difficult time. The comment is dated February 20, 2011.

"This is my mother and she is the most wonderful woman I know!! She is 93 and on her last days of life what a blessing she is!"

I own many photographs but several of my favorites turn out to be photographs of Betty Fox.
I treasure the second here particularly as I found it among the possessions of my late father, who likely took it himself. As you can see, he was impressed by Betty as well. He took several, I would have too...and I posted some of them earlier HERE, they are among the most beautiful photos you can imagine. I am afraid this wasn't due to my father's skill, it was due to Betty and Benny.

God Speed to the wondrous woman named Betty Fox. Many have entertained others, but few with such daring, grace and form. With all the offensive, slimy, divisive (and frequently, Rush Limbaugh inspired) crud clogging "comment" boards today, it is a splendid thing indeed to see such a heartfelt, honest and pleasing contribution from someone who actually has something to say. It made my day.

I don't want to turn my tribute into a screed against "entertainer" Limbaugh, but that fat clown could not begin to touch the toes of this splendid, striking and amazing woman, much less his own.

Thank you Betty Fox for entertaining and astounding so many good people over the years, including my family.

Original Press Photo and clipping, 1968 Collection Jim Linderman
Betty Fox Snapshot, circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman
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  1. Heartfelt post Jim. Now I have two "Betty's" to love, Bettie Page and Betty Fox, both strong, independent women who opened doors for the rest of us.

  2. Benny, her partner, was my grandfather. Fascinating and mysterious history....

  3. THANKS Teaberry! It was indeed, and I have photographs my own father took of rhw performance he saw as a boy. I love them, and admire the Duo.