Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Yarn Bomb Bikini for the Dishes (!) A Poem and a Homemade Dish Wash Product for the Home

You can probably start looking for these on Etsy (or Yarn Bombed all over town, that being the latest hipster doofus graffiti art form...now that I think of it, a nice bikini around the corner telephone pole would be nice. If any followers find (or DO) one themselves send a pic and I promise to run it. ONE! I don't want to see graffiti swimming suits all over town, especially when it is zero degrees.)

Anyway, here is the poem neatly typed over the navel by our artisan.

If you don't look good in a bikini
You are either too fat or too skinny
So swim in whatever suits your wishes
But take me apart and wash your dishes.

Other famous crochet artists include Bettie Page (who made some of her own posing costumes) and...Okay I don't KNOW any more. But there are some. This is a wonderful way to present your product at the local craft fair, by the way. Make a human cardboard torso, hang boob and butt dishwashers on it and watch the money roll in.

18" tall crochet bikini mounted on human torso holder with original poem circa 1960 Anon. Proudly collected and displayed in his home office by Jim Linderman

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