Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


The Bizarre Easter of Margaret Halpin

Drawing of Easter Egg decorating.  Margaret Halpin, New York, Circa 1950
Collection Jim Linderman
See also the book Eccentric Folk Art Drawings of the 19th and 20th Centuries HERE

Cultural Detritus of Horror: Truck Stop Pornographic Eight Track Tapes

Imagine a guy hauling a double trailer-rig, jacked-up on speed with one hand on the wheel and one in his pants.  The CONCEPT is as bad as the vision...but here comes "Spanky" with a big load.  Pun reluctantly intended.  File these pornographic eight-track tapes under "Cultural detritus" which should  have never happened. 

Someone is driving at dark and listening to cheap, truck stop smut EIGHT TRACK TAPES! 

Online, I find a few sources for information about pornographic eight track tapes.  I CAN tell you there were at least 57 in this series, as I have both number 000 and 057 here.  Collect them ALL.  Local entrepreneurs likely churned them out in seedy neighborhoods along the highway.

These obscurities would fall into the "spoken word" category of recorded sound collecting, but I don't think the fellow who purchased these originally would have alternated the playlist with a stirring speech from Winston Churchill or Robert Frost reading his poetry. 

Everyone understands by now that every advance in media is taken over by sex somehow.  From the camera to the VCR and beyond.  But eight tracks?  Don't come knocking if the rig is rocking SOLO.

All three here were decorated by the same artist.   I guess "cartoonist" is more appropriate.  The scrapheap of popular culture has spit out yet another relic of horror.

Group of X-rated Eight Track Tapes.  No date.  Circa 1970. 

Errol Flynn Amateur Watercolor before the Fall

A Tasmanian Devil smoking.  Errol Flynn was literally the "In like Flynn" guy and it is estimated he slept with 10,000 woman.  He drank "like Flynn" too and by the age of 40 was an alcoholic only offered roles playing an alcoholic, so he took to his boat and sailed the seas.  I wouldn't say he lived as a swashbuckler, but he had a hell of a short life. The studio had plenty of reasons to drop him.

Eventually he began to accept the drunk roles. 

Errol became a member of an elite club I fear is not too select, despite his fame.  That would be the club which drinks a fifth of vodka or more a day.  Wrong decision for anyone.  The fifth became a quart, then two quarts.  When he passed at the age of 59 he was one of those guys they say "had the body of an 85 year old man" about. 

He was married three times. but  who knows how many woman had his children over the course of his film career?  So there must be offspring out there.  Yup.  Sean Flynn, his son, was quite possibly captured by the Khmer Rouge, executed and later became the subject of a song by the Clash. 

Yes, Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania.  He may have been a real-life spy.  He may have been bisexual.  Here he is seen in his handsome Hollywood days.

Amateur drawing of Errol Flynn, circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman