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Quote and Credit


Antique American Folk Art Sculpture Mickey Mouse Whirligig circa 1928 collection Jim Linderrman

A fantastic “abstracted” Mickey Mouse whirligig from the Steamboat Willie days! I don’t have to worry about Disney’s battery of litigious lawyers thanks to the recent copyright situation allowing us all to “own” the mouse. Mickey was supposed to enter the public domain long ago, but the “Sonny Bono copyright extension law” passed in 1998 bought them more time. Don’t blame Sonny…they just tacked his name on the bill after he tragically skied into a tree. (I love this piece) Handmade folk art “Mickey Mouse” whirligig circa 1928. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb. #dulltooldimbulb #whirligig. #folkart #folkartsculpture #mickeymouse #jimlinderman #disney

Ionel Talpazan UFO Alien drawing c. 1990 Art Brut

An early Ionel Talpazan work circa 1990. I met the artist on the street and have many pleasant memories and stories…but mostly he just wore me out. He didn’t draw too many faces…but this is a good one. Untitled 20 x 24. Private Collection. Dull Tool Dim Bulb Archives. #dulltooldimbulb #artbrut #outsiderart #ioneltalpazan #ufo #alien

The Rolling Trade Sign ! Goodyear giant Airwheel Tire on Tour in the 1930s.

A rare original snapshot of the Goodyear Airwheel, the first low pressure aviation tire. To celebrate the invention, this rolling “trade sign” was built to roll around the United States in 1930. (Back then “going viral” was the same as “hitting the road” I guess) I don’t believe any of these 12 foot monsters were put into production for use…but they COULD have been and that is the point. Goodyear’s promotional material at the time envisioned a giant tour bus for the desert bounding along on a set. Original snapshot rolling advertisement for the Airwheel circa 1930. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb #tires. #tradesign. #goodyear. #snapshot. #dulltooldimbulb

Cayuga County Folk Art Sculpture on a Tree New York Carved Tree by Civil War soldier

Former Civil War soldier George E. Carr carved this high-rent neighborhood for birds in 1911, it was situated at Barber's Corner, a mile west of Sciopioville, three miles east of Levanna in Cayuga County. It was 18 feet high. The reverse indicates it was “built on a well-kept lawn” and “there are forty figures…which are painted in various colors to make them prominent.” Cayuga County Totem Tree Postcard 1912 collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Large Strange Group of Hand Decorated Vintage Pinup Clippings

Among my strangest finds…a large group of scissor cut pinups from the 1940s to 1960s, each bizarrely decorated with red dots. Even I find them creepy. Interestingly, the larger color cutouts often had original red polka dots. Too weird not to show. I guess "obsessive" is the proper term of description. Large group of cutout printed images enhanced with red marker. Collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

Carver's Traveling Museum : Weapons and a Horned Chicken on Display

Carver’s Traveling Museum. On the reverse “Money received from the sale of this post card, thru this exhibit. Will help a disabled Veteran” printed on the reverse. Seems counter-intuitive to support vets with a moving gun museum…but this contraption also traveled with a Horned Chicken (!!!) seen in the small inset upper right. World War One was too long ago for me to find details on the operation, but a different version of the card indicates “this outstanding gun exhibit travels from coast to coast collecting old guns. Operated by Barney Barnett” and printed in Arizona. Carver’s Traveling Museum postcard circa 1920 collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Folk Artist Willie Massey of Kentucky Master of African-American Iconography

I’ll call Kentucky artist Willie Massey (1906 - 1990)an under-appreciated and under-recognized folk artist. A textbook example of African-American iconography in every work. This miniature chest is an early piece. Later works were more primitive but just as beautiful and came with slapdash gorgeous color, often including tinfoil animals and adornment. Musician, songwriter and collector Kevin Gordon has several additional examples of Mr. Massey’s wonderful work,both early examples and later. Make sure to scroll down to see his birdhouses and airplanes at this link! https://www.gordongalleryart.com/willie-massey Willie Massey Dull Tool Dim Bulb Archives. #folkart. #africanamericanart. #blackfolkart