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New Series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE SLEAZE Comic Artists and Cartoonists

Are contemporary artists and cartoonists influenced by vintage sleaze? Of course they are! Contemporary artists and cartoonists are influenced by everything! And as long as one person is attracted to (or repelled by) another, there will be situations requiring a piece of work or a gag. In this spirit, Vintage Sleaze (Brother and Sister blog to this site) is proud to announce a new series: CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE SLEAZE

Select artists of TODAY influenced by pinup and risque gag artists of the past are celebrated here with a unique work they have created especially for Vintage Sleaze the Blog! A showcase for (and a tribute to) talented artists who draw today.
(Who may just draw upon the drawings of past Sleazy Cheesecake Pinup Masters) PLEASE also take the time to follow links to the individual artist sites! Not only will you see some outstanding work, you might be compelled to purchase, commission or follow the artist. Each and every site is a delight.

Submissions are welcome but we can not post everything. If you draw and enjoy Vintage Sleaze please participate!

We begin the series with the work of Lena H. Chandhok. Other notables are participating including Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Paul Swartz and many others. The series will run weekly on Vintage Sleaze. Make sure to follow and share!


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  1. Great idea!
    I hope you will include Daniel Clowes. If ever there was a wannabee sleaze artist....!