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Quote and Credit


Debt Crisis Averted! Giant Texas Dollars to Pay Off Debt

Now that Junior Senator Crazy Cruz has somehow achieved the impossible:  becoming as hated as it took fellow Republican Dick Nixon DECADES to do…the debt looms over us like never before.  Cruz is formerly best known as an advisor to George Bush (the little one) also of Texas (purportedly.) He is now widely recognized as the biggest fruity pebble in the box.  So it is appropriate Texas has offered to pay off the Chinese with the biggest bucks in history!  Five times the size of regular dollars, each "Houston Buck" is worth one million dollars, and fully backed by the bank of the memory of Sam Houston! 

With the motto "The Eyes of Texas" (are upon you) the huge currency lauds the city, but omits that the state has 25 million inhabitants without health insurance.  Not to matter!  With money like this, every one of us can afford the emergency room for even a hangnail!

BIGass Houston Dollar 1952 Premier Printing Houston  Collection Jim Linderman

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