Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Original Bibleland in Florida. Real Photo Postcard images of a Folk Art Environment

I seem to collect plywood Jesus images. These come from the original BIBLELAND, a somewhat charming theme park / folk art environment erected by Foy Morse (?) which used to be operated near Orlando in Kissimmee, Florida. Please note these postcards do NOT come from the huge bible land once owned by Trinity Broadcasting Co. and also built in near Orlando. That one was a 16 million dollar debacle with a FIFTY DOLLAR admission price and a massive failure even after former Governor Jeb Bush granted them tax-free status. Florida used to be cute and funny…now it’s just an embarrassment. The sordid story is well reported, so browse one up. I don’t want to link to them. Meanwhile there is virtually nothing written about the original. However, it appears the original one had a “free-will” admission policy. Real Photo Postcards collection Jim Linderman #folkartenvironment. #dulltooldimbulb #rppc

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