Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Pictures Always Lie Press Photographs from the Past and a Piker Pushing a Peanut

I'm a bit tied up, so the post today is a slight rehash, but never, I promise, have I posted a picture of a prone piker pushing a peanut across the country with his nose. Note how Nehi butted in with their sign carrying flivver. The point here is that press photographs were always cropped, painted, embellished and fixed...and we thought a picture couldn't lie?

FAR from it.

I guess you don't always see a man with a Bee Beard either...but some drone in the photo department thought he could improve on it with a black halo.

See you in a few days.

Group of Original Glossy Press Photographs embellished by hand, circa 1930 - 1960. All Collection Jim Linderman

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