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Last night as the radio and I faded, I heard a fellow who claimed to be growing a new heart. True or not, it is clearly possible, and highly probable we we be able to grow human heart valves internally very shortly. Who will PAY for folks living to 120 and beyond is dicey, since there are already rumblings in both congress and medical ethics circles indicating we are simply not going to be able to provide retirement funds to those who live as long retired as they did working. The inevitable result will be those who can afford to pay for a new heart will be able to have one. One of the components of any health care proposal being discussed is how to determine those who gets and those who don't. Though if you rely on the "news" you'd think the only stumbling block is being able to "choose your own doctor." The rest of us will meet the ice flow which drifts away, so to speak. Not a cheerful valentine, but then chocolate jazzes the endorphins, so partake.

Miniature hand-painted Sacred Heart of Jesus Anonymous
1" x 1" circa 1900
Collection Jim Linderman

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