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John and Teenuh Foster Exhibition at the Bonsack Gallery John Burroughs School

Abraham Lincoln anonymous circa 1940 Collection John and Teenah Foster
A few of the striking objects from the collection of John and Teenuh Foster now on exhibit at the Bonsack Gallery, John Burroughs School in St. Louis.  The show runs from August 21 to October 15, 2014.

John Foster taught in the Fine Arts Department at Burroughs for 11 years (1976 - 1987). It was then that he and his wife began what was to become an extraordinary art collection, now recognized nationally for its depth and focus. Beginning first with American folk art, the collection evolved over the years to include art by those people marginalized in society, self-taught people who found a singular vision. In 2005, Art & Antiques Magazine named John Foster one of the “Top 100 Collectors” in the United States. The exhibition at Burroughs includes drawings, paintings, and sculpture as well as a portion of their vernacular photography collection which has been exhibited at nearly a dozen museums across the country.

Jesse Howard Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Nek Chand Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Kit Keith Collection John and Teenuh Foster

Hat Molds Collection John and Teenuh Foster

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