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Quote and Credit


Football Flummoxed, Fouled by Financial Fumbles, Fans Forgotten! No Glee in Paradise

So I don't really care if they can't come to an agreement over the 9 billion dollars, I only watch one game a year and they've run out of bands for halftime. Seriously. Who is going to rock the Superbowl now? Lady Gaga? Not really the football type. Foo Fighters? Maybe, and if so they would make a great "F" headline for me. A FEW folks could pump fists and wave lights during "Hero" I guess.

There there ain't no bands left. Maybe they'll put that creepy Josh Groban in an Elvis costume and drop him from a helicopter. Arcade Fire? Too Arcane. An "American Idol" reunion? The Cast of "GLEE" is already being planned at Fox, but that show jumped the shark when they stole the original version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" from astounding Iz Kamakawiwo'ole.

By the way, I apologize for the stupid commercial you might have to ignore while waiting for the link Here. Corporate interests have already ruined You Tube! The copyright lawyers scrub it every day for good videos not sanctioned by what is left of record labels, and anytime a video reaches twenty viewers, they sell ad space to help rich get richer.

It's over. Downloading has killed the Great American Rock Band. I didn't really want to watch the Superbowl on my hand held anyway.

Images from Stan Johnson's Scrapbook, Muskegon, Michigan circa 1925. Collection Jim Linderman

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