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Quote and Credit


Walking Anachronism of Wood Folk Art Wooden Toys Jigsaw and Pine

An early "walking toy" which did just that when a youngster would hold the iron handle and tromp him around the parlor. I don't have to say wood toys are extinct...Benjamin Braddock was warned back in 1967 before he notched his college stick with Mrs. Robinson. Plastics.

Here is a brilliant idea for all you older siblings, uncles and grandfathers out there. Take junior down to the basement and show him a vice and a jigsaw. It will take 5 minutes, and despite the groans, you can point out the pause button first. He has never been to a lumber yard either...but the local craft shop might have a few slabs of pine.

Wooden Walking Toy on a Metal Rod, circa 1920 collection Jim Linderman

Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books HERE

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