Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Top Secret Hush Hush Expose Lowdown! Inside Story of the Vice Squad

Would Cuba's Number two boy rather be a girl? Well, Raul does seem to be eying Jayne's sweater puppies with considerable envy...I'd say yes. Let's report it.

Now you have to realize these came out long before Rupert and Fox News set rigorous standards for journalism, so facts seldom get in the way, but as Dan Rather famously said "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..." Or to put it another way, where there is smoke, there is a hot tabloid rag to toss on the pile and make the fire bigger.

You know, when I was young and working as a library clerk, I don't remember re-shelving any of these...what's that about? I thought librarians were all against censorship!

It is no wonder news stands are looking sparse these days...What with TMZ and Smoking Gun, we can get our gossip fix without having to pay a quarter at the checkout. No bar codes on these...the clerk would have to study them for the price and then give you the stink eye for your questionable taste.

These are all from the 1950s, when Liz had a revolving carousel of men, George Clooney's aunt was all the buzz, Pat Boone kept a harem and Sammy Davis, Jr. was the only Black man who created news. ( In retrospect, from what I have read, Sammy certainly DID have his share of partners for a little guy with an eye-patch.)

Confidential was the big gun, but the little guns worked just as hard to snatch a quarter. How it was determined 25 cents was the price to learn "WHY ERROL DIDN"T TAKE HIS SHOES OFF" is beyond me. I'd have paid a buck!

Jumbo Group of Fifties Facts Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. These are great! I thought they nailed it in "L.A. Confidential" with Danny Devito paying off the LAPD for scoops. I'm pretty sure that must have been a fairly accurate depiction...

  2. If someone had said which one of the following people is NOT in one of these mags my hand would have been waving over my head and I'd have been screaming Pat Boone! I'm simply stunned that the editors thought he'd be a draw. Wonder if he made it on any other covers? Boggles my mind.

  3. Friends who know say that it is not so much a secret that Raul Castro is gay.