Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Forget Art, Let's SWING! Sunglasses BEFORE Dark.

A randy rogues roundup of Ray Ban wearing rounders! In the old days, you didn't have to worry about your picture turning up on the web inadvertently and ruining your job chances (until I came along, that is.) The one without shades would now be 108 years old, so I think I am okay exposing him. All from an unnamed "Swingers" magazine which had a key for a logo (you know...put them all in a bowl and hope you don't select Wilber's) A 1973 issue for you cultural historians.

My favorites are the ones which indicate "have trailer in woods" and one I didn't select which reads "loves polaroid parties" but actually they all look like want ad killers to me. Thrill seekers...but what thrill is there is going to the mailbox every day to find only bills. One is clearly Tony Clifton, one guy seems to want the dames to pay HIM, and the brother had to paint his sunglasses on. All in all, I think I would stick to the regular meeing places...bars and amateur volleyball games.

I was going to post these on the Vintage Sleaze blog, but I'm saving that for a little essay on the women some day. Some of them are more creative in covering their mugs.

Group of swinger's shots from Swinger's Life 1973

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  1. My god, I was going to say #3 was Rupert Pupkin, but definitely Tony Clifton too. These are rich.

  2. Rupert Pumpkin and Tony Clifton are the two brightest stars in Hollywood by FAR. The only ones who cut through the facade of glamor...entertainment GOLD.

  3. No. 6 looks like someone from a 1950s horror film.

    And I thought I had nightmares last night.

    What if the last fellow ACTUALLY drew those on his face and walked around like that.