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Square Dance Culture (for Squares) Do Si Do Indeed!

Sociologists would call it a cult, I guess...maybe a ritual? Collective madness? I'm talking about a dance. For squares.

Ranking right up there with the Twist (Popularized by one "Chubby Checker" who took his fake name from Fats Domino, get it?) and the Pogo (jumping up and down like a fish on a hook while aiming some gobs at the performer)...the Square Dance is a curious relic now. That's not to say it isn't still practiced! There are probably as many Square Dancers around today as ever.

I suspect the Square Dance is the only cool (sorta) dance not invented by the brothers. At least I've never seen an African-American square dancer, but my racism will hopefully be corrected by submissions. It would make a great scene in a film by Tyler Perry, wouldn't it? Tyler...call me!

Some fun facts.

There used to be entire record labels devoted to the genre.
George Balanchine "did" one in 1957 as a ballet.

The square dance tempo is 120 to 128 Beats per Minute. Techno!

Cartoonist Chuck Jones, who invented Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, was a big fan. So big, in fact, he drew the poster ideas above!

Believe me, this is a craze which will sweep the nation. You heard it here first.

I once saw a gay square dance collective sweep down Fifth avenue, and though it was a parade, their feet were hardly touching the street!

The way most cool thing about a square dance is the caller. A Svengali who stands in the front of the room and directs the participants with his own special patter. Sorta like rap done by a guy with a bandanna around his neck. Inflection and technique is critical, and each caller develops his own style. Think cattle auctioneer with exceptional rhythm!

To see a color film which will give you great pleasure or nightmares, see THIS

(Warning....it is SMOKING HOT!)

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  1. I remember being made to square dance in junior high gym class, do you? I think the teachers must have sat around dreaming up what kind of fresh new hell to put us through.