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The Quest of Pioneer Jim (With Patience, Tribulation and Faithful)

"Pioneer Jim" shuttles past a "X-7" guided missile on his way to the fair!

"Pioneer" Jim left Amarillo, Texas in April, 1963 on a spiritual quest...to guide his mule-driven chuck wagon into New York World's Fair where he expected to set up a youth camp and program. Along the way he would spread the good word and shared tall tales, the primary one, I guess, being his primary message. The Mules, "Patience" and "Tribulation" pulled while the horse "Faithful" was towed behind. I think Jim used him for quick trips to the convenience store at stops. Also along for the ride was "Wolf" the dog...who was found on the way and joined up.

He made it to Newark New Jersey...The Evening Independent reported him stuck in traffic there in March 1964. That is a pretty rough stretch of road, right near the airport and constantly under repair. I've been tied up there many, many times , forced to choose between the tunnel or the bridge. I'll tell you one thing...if my trip had been delayed by a fake cowboy jesus freak in a covered wagon, I'd certainly flipped him off when I finally whizzed by and so would most New Yorkers that I know. Sorry...we're always in a hurry, you know.

Did Pioneer Jim make it to the World's Fair? Well, if he did, no one cared. I can't find any accounts of his visit. I do find a brief clip which suggests they didn't let him in, but the story isn't worth paying for document delivery cost (at least for me...) and another one which seems to locate him limping back through Connecticut.

Also a post on old-time-religion the blog.

Pioneer Jim Publicity Brochure 1964 Collection Jim Linderman

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