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Masks of the Dead B-list Stars

BOY, there was big time entertainment around the house when the Norge 4 star review life-sized masks arrived! Jack Carson (sour comedian) Ed Wynn (Fey voice man) Danny Thomas (Father of Marlo, who had a normal nose) and Jimmy Durante (Who didn't)

I'm not sure who invented the notion of the "B-list" actor but I am now pretty sure it was in 1951. Anytime you require FOUR hosts to carry one show, you might rethink the concept. It certainly was being applied early on the "Out of the World Revue Show" which was to air every week on NBC. The Reverse of each mask, once constructed, contains an entire hilarious monologue by the "Star" written in their own inimitable style!

There appears to have been about 20 shows which ran from 1951 to 1953. The Show had more names than sponsors..."All Star Revue, Four Star Revue" and the already mentioned Out of this World. The material was written by Bob Schiller, who earns no mask...but at least one of his credits is writing for Flip Wilson, 30 episodes exactly 30 years later. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and is he finished with Flip, he did OK.

One show had, Jimmy Vey, the DANCING XYLOPHONE PLAYER! Dammit...THAT'S the mask I was hoping to get!

Four Norge Appliance masks and some funky smelling Mold. Circa 1951
Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. You do know Marlo's nose was originally much like her father's, right? Not as big, but large. I remember the before and after photos. Same with Paul Anka. Somehow that one stunned me more than Marlo.

    Great masks.