Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Plus You Could Wrap Fish in Them! Talking Kindle, the Radio, The Newspaper and Coast to Coast AM

OK, I'm sure not many who read this blog will be too thrilled about it, but my Kindle will arrive in a week or two. (I never had to wait a month for the NEWSPAPER to be delivered) The point being that newspapers are croaking, but this little girl found use for one.

One of the Kindle features I am really looking forward to is that it will TALK. It has two tiny speakers. I don't know if it will read ANY book, with a robot character recognizing audio function, or if I have to buy a "talking book" to use the feature. I'll let you know.

My house sits in the shadow of a huge Lake Michigan dune, and the siding is aluminum...so my radio reception is HORRIBLE. I have to listen to my UFO, remote viewing and crypto-news on Coast to Coast AM all the way from Kentucky for some reason.

WHAT? You DON'T LISTEN to Coast to Coast AM?

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