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Gene Bilbrew Dream Book (The Pharoah Knows)

I have certainly made it no secret one of my favorite artists is the junked-out and largely forgotten illustrator and fetish cartoonist Eugene Bilbrew, an African-American artist who worked with a who's who of Times Square sleazy scoundrels during the 1950s and 1960s. All my blogs have some "Bilbrew stew" but until now I have not posted the Bilbrew DREAM BOOK! He did the cover in 1972, shortly before passing away too early (robbing us of who knows how many fascinating pulp covers.)

There are literally thousands of Bilbrew illustrations floating around the web, most of them in sites you do NOT want to visit. I prefer the wacky drawings Bilbrew did for the several lines of paperback books printed by Satellite Publications in the mid-60s, but when I googled the Dream Book up, not on the web yet! Hardly seems fair. Here you go.

Warning...do NOT google Bilbrew...this is a family blog!

Dream books are still to be found anywhere the lottery is played or someone wants to "know" if their dream means they'll get the job or find the mate. Pharoah's Dream Book of Numbers can help you find power and wealth. One way is to sell Dream Books.
I suppose Aunt Sally's Policy Planner is the most famous Dream Book, but there have been many. A reproduction of Aunt Sally's is available HERE.

Pharoah's Dream Book of Numbers (cover illustration by Eugene Bilbrew) 1972
Wholesale Book Corp. NY, NY Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Another Dream Book by Bilbrew is Ahmed's Dream Book & Numbers also from 1972. You can see the great cover art here: