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Quote and Credit


The Kissing Bee Probe of 1934 Minnie Haley Early Victim of Sexual Harassment

Now here is an interesting tale. This is Minnie Haley, a woman before her time AND lost in time. In fact, Wiki, our god of all things nearly accurate, fails to even mention Minnie in their entry on Sexual Harassment. (The entry seems to claim it began in the 1970's) It appears Ms. Haley was the first woman in the country to charge an employer with, as the press reports here, "being forced to kiss and date" in order to hold her job at the California State Printing Plant in 1934. She Won the case. I am pleased to enter her name into future web searches for all time forward by virtue of my blog post.

Original Press Photo, 1934 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I lost a job in the early 70's because I wouldn't sleep with the boss. Not that I was a prude, by the way, but he was a hideous toad.