Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Kings, Pop and Authenticity

The demise of Jacko has had me thinking about music, authenticity, value and how they intertwine. It is increasingly difficult for me to write about music without sounding bitter or elitist, so the best approach is virtually no approach. The incredible Joe Bussard probably has a greater effect on my ears than Entertainment Tonight or TMZ...so i'll just refer you to his website and leave it at that. I was born the same year Hank Williams died with his boots on, the year Elvis recorded his first tune, a year after Harry Smith released the Anthology, ten years before Dylan signed with Columbia and 20 years before Willie went outlaw. I was in the first row to see Muddy Waters, James Brown, RL Burnside, Dr. John, Bill Monroe, Ike and Tina and an 18 year old Alison Krauss...so I can hardly complain about anything musical anyway. But you know what? There just seems to be something wrong with someone taking "Thriller" money and outbidding Sir Paul for his own lifeblood (and later refusing to sell it back to him) I'll just post my two favorite publicity photos of all time and leave it at that. It's ALL good.

Two Press Photos. The Undisputed Truth 1971 and Take Me to your Leader 1958 Collection Jim Linderman


  1. That UFO from last Friday's post dropped all these guys off, and picked up MJ.