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Quote and Credit


Fred, Mildred, Gladys and 1,200 carved pieces

Fred W. Stice liked to whittle. He whittled 53 intricate scenes with 1,200 pieces. He whittled from 1930 to 1977 and whittled through two wives. He whittled Minstrel shows, the Last Supper, JFK's funeral, Iwo Jima and much, much more. Mildred, his daughter, collected dolls. Gladys, his second wife, managed the collection as a museum until she was worn out, and the entire lot was donated to the State Historical Society of Iowa. "To some people, the thought of carving may seem a little silly, but it takes a lot of hard work. I was always interested in history and this is one way to preserve it. The scenes are interesting for the children who haven’t seen them, and for the older folks who remember them." – Fred W. Stice

Linen "bursheen" post card, c. 1954. Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Would love to see what he did with JFK's funeral, did he do the assassination site as well? That would be really intriguing.